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Orchids in expanded clay.

Growing orchids in the home in clay pebbles many Romanov gaining popularity. How to transplant orchids in expanded clay was described here.

Concrete block in contrast to the crust – a more durable substrate which will not decompose, increasing the risk of root rot, at the same time, the balls of expanded clay can absorb water and then give it to the roots and provide access of air to the roots. In expanded clay to repot an Orchid is easy as balls to quickly fill all the voids between the roots. Orchids in expanded clay.

After the transplant the Orchid to a different environment, care should be adjusted. There is a risk that the old roots of the Orchid will not take root in the new soil and rot, but usually in well-expanded clay grow new roots.


How to water orchids in expanded clay:

How to pour orchids in expanded clay?

There are two ways of watering orchids in expanded clay.

In the first case, the pot should always be water to a height of 1-2 cm.

To this end, the pot should be holes on the side walls at a height of 1-2 cm or a pot is put in a high pan or two pots. Regularly added water to the required level. Lower the roots always have access to water and the Orchid can be watered full immersion is very rare.

How to pour orchids in expanded clay?

The second way of watering orchids is a classic.

The pot is placed in a bowl or any container. On top of expanded clay filled with water, which drains fills the container. Pour water until until the water fills tank to a height of 1/3 of the pot. Above water is not necessary, as the pot can fall over and sleep stone. After 10 minutes, raise the pot, waiting for water to drain, and returned the flower to its original place.

How to pour orchids in expanded clay?

- If you need to fertilize the Orchid, when irrigation water is added to a special fertilizer for orchids according to the instructions. You can use any fertilizer for blooming plants, but dilute it to 2-3 times lower than the recommended norms.

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