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Perennial delphiniums, of course, a bright ornament to any garden, and the pride of gardeners. It is pride, because to grow such a miracle of seeds is not so simple. But if the experiment was successful – the joy of seeing their beauty will displace from memory the possible difficulties of growing! But it is worth the try because the new Zealand delphiniums grow in one place, not requiring transplanting and dividing, from 5 to 8 years.

New Zealand hybrids delphinium.

In this article we will tell about the peculiarities of sowing seeds and caring for seedlings of delphiniums. As well as present you with the best and the most popular worldwide perennial hybrids of delphiniums bred by new Zealand breeder Terry Dowdswell.

Delphinium new Zealand "Double Old F1" mix

"Double your Old F1" – one of the most vivid and unforgettable mix of delphinium new Zealand hybrids series. Blend presents Terry with varieties of different colors with large flowers and dense inflorescences up to 70 cm a Very beautiful double flowers may be blue, blue, white or pink flowers – and they are all beautiful, because it is very bright and saturated.

Delphinium "Double Old F1", despite his southern origin, perfectly withstands the Russian winter. The resistance to various diseases, long-lasting abundant flowering (June to July), resistance to cutting and unimaginable beauty are of great value for Amateur gardeners and professionals.

These delphiniums will assume the dominant role in any flower arrangements or plants will serve as a background. Well combined with other perennials and, depending on the author's ideas, can be decoration and sophisticated design of the garden and the country landscape.

New Zealand hybrids delphinium.

New Zealand delphinium "Pink punch F1"

"Pink punch F1" – a hybrid of delphinium new Zealand series with an unusually bright pink color. But juicy fuchsia color is not the only advantage of this magnificent plant. Large double flowers, often decorated with white or a darker eye and ruffled petals, collected in dense inflorescence. Powerful shoots height from 90 cm to 1.5 m is covered with bright green dissected leaves, giving a special decorative effect to the whole shrub.

Long and profuse flowering. The hybrid is resistant to many diseases and good resistance to cold winter and spring frosts. For a bright unusual color and high quality flower delphinium "Pink punch F1" like the professionals with the truncation and ordinary growers. This striking hybrid will find its place in any flower garden and will help to realize the most courageous decisions. New Zealand hybrids delphinium.

The best new Zealand hybrids delphinium and peculiarities of their cultivation

Delphinium new Zealand "Cobalt dream F1"

Bright representative of the native blue delphiniums new Zealand hybrid "Cobalt dreams F1". Outstanding decorative qualities of the hybrid is bound to large inflorescences that cover almost the entire flight. The diameter of the expanded flower 9-10 cm, the height of the blooming brush often reaches 70 cm Plush flower make up about 30 petals dark blue. So the center black-and-white blossoms adorned with a white eye with a barely noticeable pink tinge.

The plant grows well and quickly forms a strong, not falling apart, the shrub is resistant to lodging shoots. This delphinium blooms in June-July, but often can please and re-flowering in September. When building a flower garden delphinium "Cobalt dreams F1" perfectly cope with the dominant role, and as shading the background for the original composition.

New Zealand hybrids delphinium.

Delphinium new Zealand "purple pasn of F1"

If you want to add to their collection of delphiniums instance with an extraordinary color – a new Zealand hybrid "purple of Pasn F1" is what you need. Bright juicy inflorescence in the form of dense brush composed of large, double violet blue with purple tinged flowers are very beautiful. These elegant monuments adorn your garden with its abundant and colourful flowering from the second half of June to early August.

The plant is a powerful and large, overwinters well in our conditions and has an enviable resistance to various diseases. Delphinium "purple of Pasn F1" goes well with other perennials, so using it to create flower beds is limited only by the imagination of the author. Perfectly cope with the role of soloist on the lawn or groundcover.

New Zealand hybrids delphinium

Peculiarities of cultivation of delphiniums

To grow from seed such beauty it is possible independently. The main thing — to arm with necessary knowledge. We will share with you tips on growing delphiniums from breeders and professionals. Adhering to these recommendations, you will be able to grow healthy seedlings of delphiniums and successfully grow flowers in the open ground.

Attention! Before sowing, seed should be stored in the refrigerator. Delphinium is a plant, whose seeds quickly lose their germination and their shelf life is very small. At temperatures close to zero it is possible to maintain and even improve germination. Conditions of the refrigerator, where a certain level of temperature and humidity, are the best of the available options for the storage of seeds of delphinium that they would not have dried up and lost viability.  New Zealand hybrids delphinium.

When growing seedlings of delphiniums is necessary to sustain the germination process of seeds:

1. Sowing the seeds for seedlings carried out in March-April under glass or directly in the ground before winter.

2. The best substrate is self service and consists of bark, peat and fine pumice stone (vermiculite), taken in the ratio of 2:1:1.

3. Seeds are sown in the tray filled with soil, and sprinkle the vermiculite layer is not more than 0.5 cm Pour a small amount of water.

4. To maintain moisture crops covered with clean newspaper sheets in 5-10 layers and film. Further watering is carried out on the paper. The air temperature must not exceed +22 ° C!

5. When the seedlings paper or film is removed, and the tray of seedlings transferred to a cool room. The optimum temperature for germination +5...+10 ° C at night and +15...+20 ° C during the day.

In such conditions, the seedlings will grow strong and will survive well after planting in the open ground. Experts warn that the temperature control is very important when growing seedlings of delphinium. Increasing the temperature to +25 ° C and above leads to a significant reduction of seed germination.

In open ground the plants are planted when the threat passes the return of frost. Planting is carried out according to the scheme 50 x 60 cm in well-fertilized, well-drained, neutral soil. The place is preferable to choose the sun or in partial shade.

Delphinium drought-tolerant and needs moderate watering. To extend the flowering withered stalks and dried leaves clean, and feed the plant complex mineral fertilizers.


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