Potted chrysanthemum

There is hardly a person who has not heard about the chrysanthemum. It is very popular. As some representatives of garden flowers, such as rose, chrysanthemum can be grown in the garden and in the home as a houseplant. In the form of a potted flower it has many varieties. Chrysanthemum is fully adapted to life in the home. That's about it, and I would like to talk. Our theme today is "How to care potted chrysanthemum"?

Potted chrysanthemum

Buy chrysanthemum

Home chrysanthemum has a very large size. This is due to the fact that it is grown artificially in greenhouses, where, with the help of special preparations to suspend its growth to give it a decorative look.

Some faced with the fact that buying the handle and trying to grow chrysanthemum from home, they received a flower's dimensions, comparable to garden. This is due to ignorance of the method of growing such ornamental plants. Let's see, how should I choose a chrysanthemum when buying.

Potted chrysanthemum

First and foremost, it is necessary to examine attentively, to make sure the plant is strong, dense, leaves are well developed, the trunk is not crawling insects. Like any plant, the chrysanthemum, bringing her home, should have a quarantine for a few days. This will help her adapt to your home conditions. Not get infected from other plants and do not impact on the development of your already sprouted flowers.

Our theme today is "How to care potted chrysanthemum"?


Chrysanthemum prefers cool temperatures and short Sunny day. The perfect temperature for more conservation inflorescence is 15 degrees. Acceptable, but the maximum is 18 degrees.

If the temperature is higher, it is often a manifestation of yellowing of leaves, drying of the Bud, fast the end of the flowering period. More likely to experience these negative consequences increase in temperature recently purchased and not yet rooted plants.

Despite the fact that the chrysanthemum needs a short day, about 8 hours, it is a photophilous plant. It is hiding in the shadows. But keep away from direct sunlight.

Potted chrysanthemum


Chrysanthemum loves the humidity, so avoid drying of the soil, and therefore root system. Maintain constant moisture. Sometimes spray it on top. During flowering it should be fertilized with a special lure for flowering plants.


Like any other plant, chrysanthemum should transplant according to the traditional scheme. If the flower is still young, once a year, an adult in a year. Particular preference for the land, in principle, no, as long as it was sour. You can use ordinary garden soil, to make it more soft and loose, add peat and humus.

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Reproduction chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemums takes place in various ways. This can be cuttings, dividing the Bush and seeds. Very simple and unpretentious first two. When planting is better in one pot to put three to five cuttings.

The easiest plant to propagate by dividing the Bush. This way you can start during the growing season. One hive after wintering, yields about 6 of young shoots. They are planted in pots with fertile soil, abundantly watered. Chrysanthemum will bloom in the first year of planting.

The propagation by cuttings will take longer. For this purpose, suitable cuttings length 10 cm of Their roots in a light soil. Cuttings are planted at 1.5 cm, cover with foil or glass. You should not forget to regularly ventilate, maintaining a constant temperature in the range of 20 degrees. About 5-6 rooted cuttings are planted in gorsk. When they reach the size of 15 cm, they must pinch in order to correctly shape the Bush.

How to care for the chrysanthemums after flowering

After flowering, chrysanthemums should be cut off and throw her a winter low temperature of +2 to -3 degrees. Where to find such a place? It's simple — for this can approach a normal cellar.

With the arrival of spring, when chrysanthemum begin sprouting, it should be transplanted in fresh soil. If the flower is not young, it is not a requirement, but desirable. When the plant is well developed, you can collect cuttings for further propagation.

Potted chrysanthemum

Pruning and topping

In order for your chrysanthemum was lush, it should be cut and pinch. This is done during the active growth period. If we ignore it, and crop only in the spring, you will receive a flower on a slender stalk, the lack of pomp and unattractive appearance.

If you want to keep the plants blooming longer, remove yellowed leaves and cut already outlived its inflorescence. When the outside becomes quite warm, chrysanthemum is recommended to move to fresh air.

In addition, you can plant flower in garden soil and leave it there to grow until cold weather, then replant back into the pot with a lump of soil in which it grew. Do growers of geraniums. The same procedure has beneficial effects on chrysanthemum.

If desired, the garden chrysanthemum in the winter to replant in a pot below it during the cold weather enjoy home you with their blooms.

Potted chrysanthemum Photo care instructions

Diseases and pests

Wrong care chrysanthemum can get sick Botrytis, powdery mildew, Septoria leaf spot. Of insects of particular danger are thrips, spider mites and aphids. I hope that my article helped you "How to care potted chrysanthemum"?

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