Justicia or Beloperone guttata how to care?

Justicia or Beloperone guttata how to care?

It’s sometimes hard to choose colors for home cultivation. They shall meet at least several of these qualities.

  • To have a beautiful crown
  • And To bloom a long period of time
  • To be low maintenance

Today’s culprit is beloperone guttata – meets all these requirements.

Flower beloperone — a kind of South American plants. This miniature minicontent can reach a height of one meter, but his most important asset is its inflorescence. In form they somewhat resemble hop cones, but have a more colorful colors and long flowering time, up to eight to ten months.

The small size and having ovate leaves of the plants have matte finish and slight pubescence. Usually the hive consists of numerous shoots, reaching a length of eighty centimeters, and capable of rapid growth under indoor conditions.

Justicia or Beloperone guttata how to care?


The inflorescence of beloperone include bracts, changing its color from green to reddish, petals at the approach to the periphery and small white flowers with tubular structure. The duration of flowering depends on the grade of the plant, but the majority of this species lasts from may to end of September.

Within a few days the flowers wither, but the plant remains attractive due to its original shape and abundance of greenery.Justicia or Beloperone guttata how to care?

These qualities make it one of the most popular among gardeners all over the world.

The most common types

Beloperone drip — shrub with evergreen species and strong betweenie, which is home to Mexico. Some growers know it under the name of justice Brundage. Its shoots are able to reach eighty centimeters, and the plant often reaches a height of meters even under indoor cultivation. The leaves of the plant small size, and characteristic ovoid shape is different, like all members of the species, light pubescence. Discourse and inflorescences are located at the edge of shoots and consist of opaque prelestnyj plates yellowish and also red, and white flowers.

Beloperone swingutilities — room shrub capable of reaching five feet in height, from the first type is characterized by low branching and direct shoots with lanceolate leaves without omission. The flowers of the plant have a purple-red hue and are collected in inflorescence spike-like structure situated apical and axillary.

Justicia or Beloperone guttata how to care?

Maintenance requirements

Southern origin plants affects the principles of care. So accustomed to tropical conditions beloperone, care in the home expects to have in accordance with the following rules.

  1. Ambient temperature. Despite the usual heat, in the conditions of the room cultivation beloperone tolerates moderate temperatures. The main requirement to the indicator of the thermometer did not fall less than eighteen degrees and in winter below the twelve.
  2. Light. Flower does not like direct sunlight. The best option would be to provide the plant with bright indirect light in large quantity. This can be accomplished by placing beloperone in the southern part of the room or in the South-Eastern zone under conditions of partial shade.
  3. Needs watering. Watering the plants should be year-round. In summer it is carried out with water close to room temperature, following the rules of common, but not abundant watering. So In the flower pot must not remain excess fluid to prevent putrefaction of the roots. In the winter season is reduced and the frequency and volume of irrigation.

  1. Additional feeding. Entire growing period, from may until October, the plant needs additional feeding. Fertilizer enough to make no more than twice within two months. For this purpose, a standard mineral supplements purchased at a specialty store, counting two grams per liter of water.
  2. Humidification of the air. To provide the plant full growth and flowering, it needs to be sprayed. For this fit the usual spray and water at room temperature.
  3. Trim. To give the plant a more aesthetic appearance and to ensure the effective flowering, need to regularly cut it. It will be enough to remove only the young shoots with buds. And at the end of winter, before the awakening of the plants, carry out his basic pruning, when all the shoots are shortened by a third and two thirds. To form a beautiful crown of the shrub have to get rid of lower side shoots, and when reaching the flower to fifty centimeters cut off the top. So the plant is not broken, you need to provide him with effective support.
  4. Transplantation. It is very important to repot young plants every year. Adult bushes this should occur as needed when the pot becomes too small for the root system. Prudent immediately to transplant Mature plants in pots large volume.

Repot the plant in the first spring months. To do this, prepare the soil mix of the following components, taken in equal quantities.


  • ground sheet
  • peat
  • sand
  • Mature humus


It moves a grafted plant.

Justicia or Beloperone guttata how to care?

Methods of reproduction

The main methods of propagating this wonderful plant cuttings and growing with seeds.

In order to grow beloperone from seed you need to perform multiple incremental action.


  • Prepare the soil based on three chetverta of leaf and one quarter of the sand
  • To pick up a container, fill it with prepared earth, and to sow the seeds
  • To maintain a temperature in the range of twenty to twenty-two degrees, which is optimal for shoot seeds
  • If you provide outdoor heating seedlings in greenhouse conditions, it will significantly speed up germination
  • Grown seedlings of a plant are distributed through separate vessels, placing in the soil, containing in its composition components are mixed in equal amounts: land of sod and leaf origin, as well as sand.


Propagation by cuttings is from late February until August, performing the following steps:


  • cut off from the adult plant shoots have attained a length of ten inches and having a few leaves
  • prepare a mixture of equal parts peat and sand for planting cuttings
  • seedlings before planting in the ground dipped in the substance — a stimulant of growth
  • When the temperature in the range of twenty to twenty five degrees, you can expect roots in about ten days.


Justicia or Beloperone guttata how to care?

What is to be feared when growing

The main enemy of beloperone — aphids. Because of her plant leaves can discolour and curl, and shoots to curl. The simplest method of dealing with it is spraying plants with a soap composition. In the case of total destruction used more effective drugs.Justicia or Beloperone guttata how to care?

Defeat spider mites is manifested by the presence of cobwebs on the back of the leaf. Subsequently, this leads to yellowing leaves. To prevent the spread of the disease need to regularly clean the plant from the infected leaves and more spray it with warm water.

If the flower was attacked by whiteflies, it can easily be detected by shaking the Bush and saw a swarm of vermin rose from the flower. Their appearance is too abundant watering and lack of fertilizer. If the reduction in water and feed did not lead to the expected results, you should use actellic, spreading fifteen drops per liter of water.

The most common problem beloperone are withered leaves. The reasons for this phenomenon are many. Unable to provoke it: not enough moisture, too hot room, the stagnation of the liquid in the pot, poor drainage. To avoid such problems, contain the flower must strictly fulfil the above rules.

Of course, beloperone demanding in care, but all efforts will be generously repaid when your home will be an unusual, healthy, long flowering plant.



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