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Anthurium – flower "male happiness" can delight us with blooms for years to come. From the top of the stem of the plant regularly, new leaves and flower stalks, but the stalk elongates over time, becoming unstable and the lower part becomes bare. The lower part of the Anthurium is not very attractive, showing growths, tubercles of the aerial roots of the plant.

To return the flower to the decorative appearance, grew the Anthurium should rejuvenate through cuttings.

Also this method will help to save a plant with rotting roots.

- The cuttings need to cut the tops of the shoots with a length of stem about 10cm below the lower part remained 3-5 aerial root.

How to rejuvenate Anthurium from cutting?

- With each cutting, remove the stalks and leaves on the lower part, leaving 2-3 leaves on top. The cut of the cutting should be sprinkled with powdered charcoal.

How to rejuvenate Anthurium from cutting?

- If planting the cuttings Anthurium directly into the ground, they can die, as their aerial roots are not designed to fully power the plant. To aerial roots of Anthurium developed normal roots, cuttings be rooted in water.

How to rejuvenate Anthurium from cutting?

- Put cut the cuttings in water so that the aerial roots were in the water, and the growth point in the air. In a bowl of water drop a couple of tablets of activated charcoal so that the water does not turn sour, and the cuttings don't rot.

- Cut Anthurium thrives in water in a warm place with diffused light. After 3-4 weeks of aerial roots on the cuttings is extended, turn white and will be ready for planting in soil.

How to rejuvenate Anthurium from cutting?

How to prepare the soil for planting cuttings Anthurium read here.

After planting the cuttings in a pot with soil plants need regular watering, keeping the substrate always slightly moist and spray the leaves. After rooting the plants in the soil, will start the growth of leaves from the tops planted cuttings will have new leaves.

With the beginning of growth of Anthurium plants, you can start to feed any complex fertilizer diluted in two times less than normal. After rooting, reduce watering to moderate.

How to rejuvenate Anthurium from cutting?

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