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Periwinkle  – the flower that cannot be ignored. A houseplant may be at a height of 60 centimeters. Flowering can be varied: white, lilac or pink. With proper care, blooms will be long lasting. In the nature of about 12 species of periwinkle.


One of the most famous and common types of periwinkle is "first kiss". His colors are very rich, has about 13 shades. The plant is quite low, not rising more than 40 centimeters. But the flowers are of large size, which creates a gorgeous effect.

Periwinkle indoors

Periwinkle indors

First kiss Bluberi launched not so long ago, he was only a few years old, but already is quickly gaining sympathy. Periwinkle indoors

Cascade Appleblossom bred specifically for growing in pots and hanging baskets, as well as Mediterranean. With proper care, Vinca beautifully woven, sometimes reaching five feet.

Care at home

Care of periwinkle at home is different from care in the garden. Observing all the rules, you can grow a flourishing, vibrant and healthy plant:

  1. Landing. The first step is to buy a quality soil for plants. Of course, you can do it yourself, but would rather go to a flower shop, there are experienced specialists in this field will give good advice. For room periwinkle perfect soil for geraniums. Made sure the drain (pour a small layer of expanded clay). It is not necessary to plant periwinkle crowded, otherwise at high humidity, the plant may suffer from lack of ventilation. Potted flower to put on the sun, where a lot of light and no drafts.
  2. Watering. The plant loves water. Therefore, watering should be carried out regularly, at the first drying earthen coma. At the same time pouring too much water is very dangerous, may start rotting the root system. From plants with rotten roots are easier to remove than to cure it. Most often, the pot of flowers is in the pan, it should not be water if 10-20 minutes after irrigation water was formed, drain it. Room periwinkle should be watered three times a week.
  3. Lighting. Periwinkle house likes diffused light. You can put a flowerpot on the windowsill, in the first half of the day should not be exposed to the direct rays of the sun. In winter, the periwinkle should be warm. If he will not have enough light, the stems will begin to elongate, he will lose the beautiful appearance.
  4. Temperature. Vinca does not like extreme heat, the optimum temperature is around 25°C. But in winter, in such conditions it will be hot, the temperature should be 16°C.
  5. The humidity of the air. A large amount of water, the flower does not like, but the moist air it needs. To do this is often to spray the plant, even in winter (warm water).
  6. Trim. Periwinkle has such properties as to trail, therefore, pruning is needed every year. 3 years later, the flower will not look so effectively, it is recommended to plant using cuttings.
  7. Feeding. Fertilizers need all the colors, periwinkle is no exception. Dressing make almost all year round except winter. In warm periods, fertilize every 10 days. Only in this case will be elegant and abundant flowering. For room periwinkle can be used a fertilizer for roses.

Note! Exposing periwinkle on a windowsill, be careful that it has not had access to children and animals as it is poisonous.

Periwinkle indoors

In summer, periwinkle can be taken outside only with the condition that it will not be exposed to direct rays of the sun. Also, you need to protect the flower from the wind. Periwinkle indoors


To propagate plants at home in several ways:


  • Seeds.
  • Cuttings.


The optimal time for reproduction by seeds in February-March. Their added dropwise to a depth of about 2 inches. Pots cover with a film, so that did not get the direct rays of light. This creates a greenhouse effect. At a temperature range of 24°C already after a week will appear the first shoots. Using 14-15 days after the appearance of shoots should carry out the first feeding.

When periwinkle grows up to 8 inches will appear good 4-5 leaves, it is possible to pick.

Cuttings also hold in the spring. Choose healthy and strong cuttings, cut them at about 10 myself. Immerse them in water (can be cleaned in the wet sand). With the part that is submerged in a container cut off all the leaves. The slices can be sprinkled with hormonal remedy.

Periwinkle indoors

Pot the cuttings are planted around the edge, cover with foil, leaving a small opening for ventilation. Put the planted cuttings in shade place where the temperature of 15-18°C. Periwinkle indoors

When the cuttings appear the first signs of growth, the film can be removed. Flower gradually accustom to the bright light.


If you want your gorgeous flower bloomed in the home, it should be transplanted annually. Observe such rules of procedure:


  • During the year, the periwinkle is growing and accordingly the potty every time I take a few inches more.
  • Directly before planting, the pot should be sanitized at least pour over boiling water.
  • The root system of the flower is very fragile and delicate, it is important to avoid damage. Also, before planting, the roots need to carefully examine the viability. Dead and damaged roots must be cut at least 4 inches from dead tissue.
  • All items will be trimmed, the roots should be sharp and disinfected. After cutting them is also treated, so as not to contaminate other plant.
  • The cuts on the backs sprinkled with fine charcoal.


Periwinkle indoors

By following simple rules, periwinkle transplant is successful, he will be strong and healthy, to enjoy their blooms and riot of colors.

Diseases and pests

Any plant in the home can catch diseases and pests. It can be:


  • Powdery mildew.
  • Spider mite.
  • Aphids.
  • Scale.
  • Fungal diseases.


Mostly this is in violation of the rules of care.

Most often, the problem can occur at the moment when a flower is transferred after the summer in the house. That did not happen, you should carefully inspect the plant. If "enemies" yet discovered, should do the following:


  • Take a small brush and moisten it in alcohol. Clean brush pests.
  • Treat flower soap solution (used Laundry soap).


White lumps on the flower's talking about defeat molochnica. Remove pests with a cotton pad soaked in insecticide.

Periwinkle indoors

To combat fungal diseases is used by spraying fungicides. To resort to drugs you need and with a strong infection of plants. Funds to fight quite a lot (Topaz, Ambulance, karbofos, Cuproxat, etc.). What you need, you can tell specialists in a flower shop.  Periwinkle indoors

Improper care at home, the plants may appear the following problems:


  • Foliage takes on a yellow tinge, begins to die. The flower is very hot, it should be removed from the direct rays of the sun.
  • Gradually reduced flowering. Talking about cold air in the house. You need to create warmer conditions. Also, periwinkle may not bloom due to the lack of useful components in the soil. It needs to be fertilized.
  • Appears yellow on the tips of the leaves. The plant is stuffy from the dry air. You will need the moisture (put next to a pot a container of water), and spraying.


If the plant has ceased to bloom at all – it can speak about its age. To take any action useless. It should be left to grow a new flower.

Useful properties

Long periwinkle was used for preparation of various medicines. It consists of an alkaloid, which prevents the division of cells. Today the plant is grown more as an element of decor. The alkaloid has learned to produce by artificial means. This component is part of drugs against cancer and antidepressants.

However, traditional medicine from periwinkle refused. It copes with:


  • The healing of wounds.
  • Inflammatory processes.
  • Bleeding.
  • It has antimicrobial properties.
  • Helps in the fight against diabetes.


The periwinkle contains the following nutrients:


  • Winin and pubescent. Can reduce the pressure.
  • Rutin. An important component of drugs prescribed for hypertensive diseases.
  • Vitamins.
  • Sugar.
  • Mineral salt.
  • Tannins.
  • Organic acids.
  • Steroids, etc.


All of these components in one way or another is able to fight with various diseases. Ranging from the simple rhinitis, and ending with tumors and schizophrenia. Often used to combat depression.

Infusions and decoctions (pharmaceutical preparations) can be used both internally and externally. Any use must necessarily be agreed with a specialist. Self-medicate to deal with is contraindicated.

Periwinkle indoors

As you have seen, to grow the periwinkle house is very profitable. It can be used for medicinal purposes and simultaneously enjoy the magnificent blooms. Periwinkle indoors

Contraindications for the use of

The most important thing to consider – periwinkle poisonous plant. Strictly forbidden to give the concoction to children, pregnant women, women in lactation. It is impossible to use the herb for people suffering from low pressure and VVD (vegetative vascular dystonia). Periwinkle indoors

If you have children and animals, it is recommended to put a pot of flowers out of reach for them.

Care in winter

All summer periwinkle with proper care, will bloom and fragrance. But the winter to him a period of rest. Contain the plant in the cold period should be at a low temperature of 14-15°C. Carefully monitor the condition of the soil, it should not be nipped by the frost. Sufficient watering is reduced, when a large amount of moisture can begin rotting processes not only root system, but stem.

Periwinkle indoors

With the advent of spring begins active feeding periwinkle.

It is interesting to know

The periwinkle room is undoubtedly a wonderful decoration of window sills and shelves. Also, it will look great at your summer cottage or in your home garden.

That periwinkle had a beautiful shape, it has bloomed, it should give a bit of attention.

The first thing to do is to choose the right area for planting. In essence, periwinkle is not a fastidious plant, and plant it anywhere. The main thing that it was a small hill or plain. Otherwise there is a risk of high humidity, as the flower loves.

That flower grew up posh, that he's comfortable in places with ambient light. Can be planted in primenenij or fully shaded areas. Periwinkle will grow in the scorching sun, but its appearance will be significantly affected.

Specific preferences in relation to the soil, the plant has not. But it is much better to grow in fertile soil, loose and with good drainage. Periwinkle indoors

It is the quality of the land depends for its splendor and the riot of colors. Growers are recommended to plant Vinca near apples, pears or cherries. Periwinkle indoors

After planting the Vinca do not need attention, it is enough to observe simple rules:


  • Fertilizer. Like any other plant, the periwinkle plant needs them. In this case, the color of its leaves will be more intense, and bloom bright and long lasting. Use of mineral and organic fertilizers.
  • Watering. If you forget to water the flower, he will not suffer. It is enough for normal precipitation, regardless of their frequency and quantity. The periwinkle will benefit from irrigation, it will moisturize and nourish the root system of plants, especially in drought. Besides, the jet of water will wash away the dust of the flower, and it will become more attractive.
  • Weeding. Weeds do not affect the periwinkle, does not prevent him to grow and develop. To do the weeding – it is only the desire of the gardener to give your garden an aesthetic and neat appearance. Slightly visible among the weeds periwinkle – the picture is not the most beautiful.
  • It is very important to primepay shoots. This will increase flowering, periwinkle will begin to custimise.


In winter, the plant also will not cause trouble. It can be safely left unattended. But careful gardeners are studying the varieties of flowers, and some of them are very bad winter, for example, Barvinok pubescent. That did not happen, the flowers should be covered. And it is recommended to do so with all sorts, in any case, that young shoots are not cold


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