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When strawberry at ease neighborhood with weeds?

When strawberry at ease neighborhood with weeds?About strawberries in grozdanic, especially here in the Leningrad region, in recent years written a lot. And it is clear. No garden plots where at least one or two hradecka not grown this wonderful berry crop. But here's the problem - information on agricultural technology of growing strawberries in the author's articles is in the same vein. Something like this: "For strawberries fit well protected light areas with deeply cultivated, loose and aerated soil. The area should be flat or with a slight slope (5°)...that's right. It would be nice. But we put a quarter of a century are the wetlands of the swamp - an array of Mshinskaya Luga district of Leningrad region, and the agricultural practices we have already, internally adapted to the prevailing growing conditions. This is about them and need to talk - to share the accumulated experience and observation of vegetation of plants in some years.So this year, arriving in the spring on their site, I have found starting to bloom on the stalks thrown up, sometimes even blooming strawberries in the dense thickets of various herbs. As any gardener-gardener I started with precautions to weed beds with strawberries. After the processing of the third ridge, I became convinced of the futility of this activity and left part of the plot, as it is - in the grass.In July, weeded part of the garden beds in the centre of the flowers appeared black dots, and this means that the berries they will be gone. Flowers frozen - because of freezing and temperature fluctuations of outdoor air was very high in June of almost continuous rain completely flooded areas in the lower places. But blooming strawberry plant grows in the grass as if nothing had happened, and flowers without black dots, weeded parts of the ridges the plants began to droop. Decided to go on gardening, to see how other gardeners are things with the strawberries. The inspection result is discouraging - those who have the beds treated to such an extent that almost sterile, flowering strawberry is so - so- rare kartinkami, and one strawberry, too, is in the grass, it blooms normally have separate owners even quite abundant.These observations seemed to me a little, and I went into the woods to look at the edges - as there is a plant grows (bloom it?) wild strawberry - strawberries. Although she came in this year at natural "disasters", but because it is growing mostly in the shade, as if in the Bush, it blooms normally.Talk with other gardeners finally confirmed my observation that this year's strawberry blossoms in the grass better. However, noted that such a phenomenon year on year is not necessary.Here I will touch on another observation. Let's turn our attention to the fibrous roots of each plant, essentially feeding the plant. The strawberry is the lateral roots and adventitious roots horn. So, weeding the strawberries, we will certainly damage these roots. What it is, clear to every gardener.And yet, I venture to suggest that strawberries and strawberries exposed to symbiosis - that is, bilateral parasitism. This can be as something to explain what they are trying to join another favourite plant. Experience has shown that the transplantation of a Bush of strawberries from the forest into a garden bed is a failure if a lump of earth captured satellite and the strawberry.

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