What to sow in the early fall to harvest before winter?

With the approach of autumn, the air becomes cooler, but the soil is still quite warm — it’s the perfect time to extend the season of certain vegetable crops. Of course, plant the tomatoes and cucumbers already stupid, but there are plants that thrive in short daylight hours and have a minimum period of vegetation. And it means that you will have time to harvest before the arrival of sustained cold weather. So, what crops to sow in the beginning of September to October to be harvested?

What to sow in the early fall to harvest before winter?

1. Radishes

With planting radishes in early spring kicks off the holiday season. Grow it in summer. But if the spring radishes are often watery, and in the summer, bitter in the fall — it’s perfect! The optimal temperature of maturation of the plants +14…+18 °C, and usually in the fall we get the most succulent radishes with a rich taste.

Harvest of tasty radishes is possible in 20 days after germination, if you choose early-maturing varieties. The plant is resistant to frost on the ground, so feel free to visivite radishes in September.

And if you use warm the beds for planting, you can grow this great harvest of the autumn radish that it will last until winter!

What to sow in the early fall to harvest before winter?

2. Salads

Salads are not only delicious, but also rich in essential vitamins and minerals. And most of them can be planted in the fall to obtain a late harvest.

The ideal temperature for ripening most of the salads +10…+17 °C, the time from sowing to harvest, from 30 to 60 days, depending on temperature and length of daylight. Also note that leaf lettuce Matures faster, this will take more time.

For a good harvest, should be abundantly watered salad, but not often (2-3 times a week, if no rain at all). It is also important to loosen the soil and remove weeds. But to feed the soil, not necessarily salads grow well on poor soils.

What to sow in the early fall to harvest before winter?

3. Chinese Kale Pak Choy

If you are not familiar with Chinese cabbage, which many people somehow confuse with Beijing, September — the best time to get to know her. This fast-maturing stemmed cabbage will give you leaves with a very pleasant mild flavor.

Chinese cabbage is completely unpretentious in care, it is easy to grow and it Matures after a month from the time of sowing. Fall for her – the perfect time, because in the bright summer sun she quickly let the arrow.

A distinct advantage of Pak-Choi that is what to use in food can not only completely Mature the plant, but immediately after sprouting little leaves.

What to sow in the early fall to harvest before winter?

4. Arugula

The greens with tangy mustard and nutty flavor easy to grow in the fall — it is the perfect temperature for growth is +14…+18°C, and she’s not afraid of frost. Please note that in autumn the sun is not very active (arugula does not tolerate heat). Therefore, to sow it for harvest late in the sunniest spot, because during a long stay in the shadows spoil the taste of the plant.

Early varieties of arugula Matures in about 25 days, but the first small leaves («baby-arugula») can be cut earlier. The taste of arugula is not bitter, need regular loosening of the soil and frequent watering, at least through the day if no rain.

What to sow in the early fall to harvest before winter?

5. Spinach

Spinach is a source of many vitamins and minerals, like a cool environment, grows best at a temperature of +15…+19 °C. It is not only cold-resistant but also early maturing culture, so it’s perfect for autumn cultivation.

Fully Mature greens of spinach, early varieties about a month after germination, but eating can be more young leaves, choosing the largest outlet.

If you do not have time to sow spinach in late summer-early autumn, you can sow it in the winter — in late September or later depending on the weather conditions of your region. Then he comes up in early spring and will appreciate the vitamin greens in early may.

What to sow in the early fall to harvest before winter?

6. Cilantro

In General, autumn is the perfect time to discover new plants. However, only those that can grow under short photoperiod. But, for example, cilantro, or more correctly — coriander — just plant of long light day. But if your goal is not the fruit of coriander, and the herbs (which, in fact, called cilantro) it is better to sow it in late summer / early fall.

Cilantro can be eaten fresh, added to salads, can be used for cooking first and second courses, you can freeze for the winter. In growing cilantro unpretentious, and will give you a harvest the first green spicy leaves after a couple of weeks after germination.

Dear readers! To have success in growing a late crop, it is necessary to choose the right plants. In this case, the salads and other greens are your best friends: they grow quickly, are not fussy and quietly tolerate frosts to -4…-5 °C, You can sow them all summer through the small gaps of time, but autumn is the most suitable for them time.