What not to forget to do in February gardener?

Weather this winter is naughty to the fullest, but still Feb remains Feb — Kuban and in the Crimea fades hazelnut and dogwood blooms, and on the most part of territory of Russia — the frost and snow. The sun every day rises a little higher, and gardening itch is enhanced by leaps and bounds. A lot of cases. Most importantly, everything to remember and nothing to lose. What not to forget to do in the February horticulturist, will tell in his article.

What not to forget to do in February gardener?

February is the month of the seedling

Probably, in all regions February is the seedling a month. If the seed packets went festive in January, there’s still time. See to determine what I would like to plant and buy. In February in most regions you can sow seedlings dollarsthese annuals (Lobelia, Petunia and Co.); exotic tall «substitute trees» — castor-oil; the fragrant heliotrope and a lot more often. Light the seedlings, of course, still not enough, you have to dosvechivat, or to arrange the mirror reflectors.

For greenhouses in February, it is time to plant tall late varieties of tomatoes, eggplants, by the end of the month – sweet pepper. Fans of celery also in February, you need to have time to plant his seedlings. And it’s not too late to sow wild strawberries!

The most common mistake when growing seedlings – early planting. I myself in the beginning of the garden «career» has stuffed a lot of cones. But it warned people in the know! Early planting does not benefit any plants or garden plants are extracted, at the time of planting strongly grow, long and poorly survive in soil. For the gardener it’s too much time, work and disappointment. No need to hurry.

If absolutely unbearable, it is possible to sow and to grow, for example, a couple of bushes of tomatoes for a fortnight before – suddenly global warming will give a very early spring? And if you do not give, a few bushes were not so pathetic.

Check planting material

In February, time for the next revision in the repository and see how it feels planting material: seed potatoes, bulbs of gladiolus, Dahlia tubers, Cannes and many more that do not hibernate in the region. If something is sprouted, you can plant in a pot to grow seedlings (the Dahlia can take root and sprout, if he’s 5 inches), or reduce the storage temperature to the minimum.

If suddenly on planting material there was mold, it is necessary to carefully remove and, if possible, increase the ventilation of the store. Still good to opurity ash in the alkaline environment of the fungus does not develop. By the way, dusting ash before laying on storage of – old, simple and effective way to prevent the development of mold.

Cuttings in February, put in water to give the roots. In March it will be possible to put in the cups, and the landing will already be well-formed root system. It is equally concerning as the southern grape varieties and very hardy Amur grape.

Cuttings for grafting obtained from friends obtained from the nursery, also examined, aired and Packed again until vaccinations.

In the southern regions, you can put the potatoes on the germination for early crops.

Well, if we explore the vault at the same time to see and inventory, the condition, there will be enough until the next harvest and how many extra will remain? Here good help the accounting. At the time, throwing out a basement of 15-year-old banks with the blanks, I considered how much of what goes for the year and is now making only a 5% margin.

Audit tools and stocks of consumables

This is a very necessary operation, which many ignore. Little who distinctly remembers how much left there is twine, fertilizers, tools, pest control, covering material, nets against birds, etc. as a result, In busy season or something is missing, or at the beginning of the season frantically buying up everything, and then over the years is lying unclaimed.

Of course, the recommendation applies to those who were able to get to its tools and inventory. Where the snow was piled up and impossible to clear, have to rely on your memory. And next year, to move this operation in the fall.

In order not to buy superfluous (the sins the vast majority), a revision of the consumables is convenient to make a list and hang it where those supplies are stored. Tracking even a single season can give a lot of useful information and save. Gadgets to help!

The tool for the season — to inspect, repair, sharpen. Do not forget the accesories for garden equipment.

What not to forget to do in February gardener?

Manipulation of snow

Snow should stock up on spring. For those who have snow belt and above, please do not to giggle – not everyone is so lucky. In some places, especially in the winter, almost every snowflake catching is necessary. Spring supply of water is very important for plants, so densely fill with snow all the available capacity is a good decision. And in the greenhouse to distribute the snow, and tree trunks circles. Only stone – close to the trunk do not need, very much, they tend to rot, no need to provoke them.

A large amount of snow – too bad: all this weight presses down trees and shrubs, breaking branches. Excess snow from the branches it is advisable to shake off. Especially important at temperatures close to 0 °With and without wind: the snow sticks to the branches, and if you then still freeze, the damage can be very large.

Pritoptyvaya snow at the trunk of the tree or shrub is a good defense from mice that were starved and loose snow is easy to make the moves to nibble the bark.

By the way, snow can help «brakes» not at the time of the awakening of plants. I did that by accident once and was very helpful. Young apricot shook off the snow, trodden snow, tree trunks in a circle, then dug next to low-growing shrubs and snow again inserted under the apricot. In a day when cleaning the seats under the canopy with the wood raked out the old sawdust, small splinter again fell asleep under the apricot on top of the snow. Snow, of course, in these conditions, melting very slowly, cooling the soil. Apricot bloomed a week later than its neighbours! And slipped past the incident just in the week freezing.


In some regions, in February you can start pruning trees if you have the opportunity to get to the site and see the crown. Leafless as well allows you to see where that extra. I combine this event with preparations for the spring vaccination. The Central conductors I have already been circumcised and is there anything grafted. Remains cropping:

  • skeletal branches for the formation of bowl-shaped crown (cut gradually, not to be without crop);
  • accrued over the summer branches, growing vertically and into the crown;
  • of damaged parts.

At the same time leave «stumps» in those places, where will be vaccination. Cut, for the most part, in February, in summer, pinch and prune unwanted growths. By the way, when cutting trees is not use for garden pitch, underneath the wood worse than in the air. Slices dusted with ashes. If the cut is smooth without burrs and irregularities, the tree will heal itself quite quickly.

A good tool for trimming is very important for the health of the tree. However, it happens when working with pruning shears and sawing stuff, so in the pocket holding a large box cutter, if anything, trimmed the edges and the crust, smooth out the cuts.

What not to forget to do in February gardener?

Whitewashing the trunks

On the subject of whitewashing a lot of opinions and different, I’ve tried numerous options in different regions and came to the conclusion that the need of whitening depends primarily on the climate of the region. Oh, and the preferences of the owner of the garden, of course.

In the Kuban region, now living in the foothills with a noticeable diurnal temperature swings, high humidity and poor ventilation, the trees are whitewashed in February-March. Lime with copper sulphate and ash: in the area of whitewash all die lichens overgrowing on the skeletal branches.

But in the steppe part of the situation is quite different. With an abundance of sun and wind whitewashing only desoriented tree: kind and warm, and the sun is reflected and the wind cools. In the suburbs, where the bright sun enough to swear, the whitewash gives the sun to warm up the barrel. In the Khabarovsk region, where fruit, most, covering, to reveal the trees in April-may and leave in Khabarovsk under the burning sun – the more extreme. It is better to whitewash.

The solution, of course, the owner of the garden. If you decide to bleach, at a temperature above 0 °C below the whitewash is dry before freezing.

To feed everyone!

In February, stocks start to end not only for us. Proteins already eat up those reserves, which recalled the birds in the winter are also somewhat starved. And though anomalous to the European part of the winter this year has allowed many birds to pick out all larvae for quite a long time, when the snow birds are lost and resentfully begin to clamor around the housing people.

Feed preferably seeds of cereals (not cooked), nuts, fat (not salted), dried berries of different types will choose food for themselves. Okay to add shells from eggs – birds with it, peck.

If the trough set in the center of the beds – the garden birds at the same time you fertilize. Birds are also very helpful for a garden when you move the Chicks and carry the matter of this hungry Horde of larvae and adult insects. Yes, and the rest of the time well clean the garden from pests, although for us it is sometimes not obvious.

What not to forget to do in February gardener?

The collection of plants

Usually with Feb assortment the Internet-shops the most «delicious». Planting material scatters like hot cakes. Even advice to be careful and cautious pale before the beautiful pictures and descriptions. Here is my experience as prescribe the plant for more than 20 years from different regions, and living in different regions.

Virtually no sellers who do not make mistakes and presort. This should be accepted. But I came across and such that peresort — 100%. Very responsible sellers a lot, each region has its own, some have been cooperating for several years: presort almost no planting material is healthy and of high quality. Errors, of course, still happen, but in this case, or return the money or offer a replacement. Without red tape. Read reviews. Although, now a lot of and customized, so it’s still a lottery.

Most sellers of planting material is imported, get ready for various surprises. Plants can live a season or two, and then die for unknown reasons. Buy recommendations released varieties have little effect, but they are the most wise. Zoned plants will bring more positive emotions, crop or decorative and require less care.

And again about the records: information on how, what, who ordered what condition is obtained, where and how planted has taken root, helps to define suppliers, and to identify their own mistakes. Gadgets must work for the gardeners!

Have a good and fruitful February!