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The war with garden pests moles rats against

Rodents and moles, behave like masters in our gardens that can not only cause great damage to cultivated plants, but also completely destroy them. So against rodents and moles gardeners periodically struggling and sometimes lead a real war.

Appeared in the garden, rats cause gardeners a lot of bitter disappointments. For example, many years it takes the green thumb for growing ginseng. And to the rat completely destroy planting ginseng, it is enough one week.
A more common example faced by almost every gardener, - damage by rodents of the bark of young fruit trees.

Rats can dig burrows in friable garden soil. But they are advanced animals: do not spend force in vain and prefer to use ready krotovym donors. To destroy their burrows pointless - they need loose soil. And the open hole will not leave. So fix it they can easily and quickly.

In my garden I'm fighting the rats with the help of caught moles. Put kromolowski in places of transition moles on the lawn. On the lawn, dense soil you can clearly see the path of the mole's mounds, and krotovka here it is possible to establish reliably. But loose the bed of the mole does not throw away the soft soil to the top just pushes the loose soil on the sides.

The rat is not going to krotovka installed at the wormhole, but the mole please.
Caught thus the mole doused with kerosene and set on fire. "Fried" the mole I placed in a hole in the garden and covered with earth. Over time, the carcass of a mole completely decompose and provide food for the bacteria fertility. Until then the hole will spread pungent smell of burnt skin and kerosene.
This is a serious warning to rats, and the hole remains for a long time desert rat. Therefore, the rat is forced to seek another place for their movement and feeding.

But the mole lives in their extensive burrow is not alone. And soon another mole will go in the hole on the lawn. Krotovka catch him. And again, "fried" the mole will be placed in another mole move in the garden.
So gradually all the beds and flower beds will be full of burnt moles, and rats will ever come to your garden. At least, greatly reduced the threat from rodents to your young trees, the crop roots, the Tulip bulbs, other plants.
After several manipulations, the moles also runs out at the site. So, at least for a while your garden will be no new holes, no moles and rats.

To verify the presence of moles in the garden is easy - it is necessary to trample the entrance to the hole mole on the lawn, where the ground is solid. As soon as you notice that the entrance to the hole will be restored (it will appear a mound of earth at the trampled place) - then it's time to put krotovka.
This process requires constant attention of the gardener, but the effect is obvious.

Some gardeners argue – just try to catch the mole. And they're right, it's not easy. Once the mole is all the time raised set traps. I'll see - not caught? No. Again install. And so the mole abused me: a dozen times I had to check and correct kromolowski until he got caught. Gradually, the wormhole becomes wider, and the mole has the ability to set around the side of the trap. When I put the trap in the place where the hole is narrow, and only then happened to catch a mole.

Even for these purposes I use a mouse caught in a trap. And when absolutely no luck in the hunt for mice and moles, instead of the carcasses of rodents use some old fur. Moisten a piece of fur with kerosene and set on fire; when the flame goes out, lay it into the wormhole. The effect is the same.
Methods of dealing with rats much. This method is one of them, and I successfully used it for over 30 years.


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