The care of grapes in August.

Care of the grapes in August, aimed at stimulating maturation and ripening of berries sweetness, as well as improving the aging young vines. In Central Russia time to ripen early and medium early varieties of grapes, but the grapes sometimes need help to beat the arrival of cold weather to harvest and prepare for winter.

Temperature is an important factor that affects the rate of ripening grapes and the taste of the berries. In hot summer, there is no doubt that the grapes will ripen in the usual time and the berries will be sweet. The most favorable temperature for ripening grapes +28…+32 degrees. In cold summer, when the day is rarely +25 and mostly the temperature is around +20, the grapes ripen late and the berries have a sour taste.

If the weather conditions we cannot influence, proper care of the grapes will help to get large bunches of sweet berries and to prepare the vine for winter.

The care of grapes in August.

What to do with grapes in August:

1. To reduce watering. Water the grapes need only in hot dry weather. If July was rainy, in August, the vineyard can never be watered. Bad for ripening grapes rainy weather, the berries are watery, can crack and be affected Botrytis. Excessive watering as rains delay the aging vines and preparing the plants for the cold.

2. Will accelerate the ripening of grapes and enhances their sweet taste proper feeding.

In the first place the grapes in August to feed phosphorus-potassium fertilizers. Good at filling berries to hold potash fertilizer on leaves of grapes. You can use the fertilizer monakali phosphate, to do this, 1 teaspoon diluted in 10 liters of water and spray the grapes on the leaves. If you fertilize the plants as usual at the root, then take 1 tablespoon of fertilizer dissolved in 10 litres of water and make the usual watering.

Like grapes feeding of wood ashes that you can scatter around the base of shrubs, or for irrigation to make an infusion, using 1 Cup of ash per 10 liters of water.

Enhances the sweetness of the berries foliar application grapes boric acid. For this, dissolve 1 teaspoon of boric acid in glass of hot water, then dilute with water to volume of 10 liters and spend the spraying of the vineyard on the sheet.

3. In August should be chasing grapes. When pruning grapes pruned the tops of the young shoots of 40-60 cm, to a large sheet and remove all the shoots, leaving them 1-2 leaves at the base.

Pruning of grapes should be held in the first half of August, to lighten up the vineyard, to improve ventilation, also chasing stimulates the young vine to strengthen, it changes colors from green to brown .

4. In August the ripening harvest grapes berries should be protected from diseases and pests. To eat sweet grapes like wasps and birds, so each bunch you have to wear a bag of fine mesh ,through which insects cannot penetrate.