The apartment is in a banana how to grow tropical miracle

Large, bright and literally breathing the exotic bananas — the most popular of fruity exotics. They are trying to grow many, but to keep plants to a decent age, rarely works. Despite its very reasonable price and ease of breeding, potted banana plants difficult. They need to create the conditions in which they would feel in a tropical Paradise. And the slightest deviation from their favorite humidity and temperature lead to the inevitable loss of beauty of the leaves.

The apartment is in a banana how to grow tropical miracle

Such different bedroom bananas

Room bananas remain fruit-bearing plants, although most often they are grown only for decoration. Too much conditions you need to follow in order to very adult banana bushes pleased miniature fruit in the room.

Fruiting is more of a reward for impeccable care. The main aesthetic pleasure from bananas bring a huge, with a reddish tint, fancy unwinding of the tubes forming their petioles cylindrical barrel sheets.

The slightest discomfort and contrast required conditions leads to early drying of the leaf. And gigantic banana leaves, this process looks dramatically.

For growing in rooms bananas are better to select the degree of «niceprotect». A decorative and dwarf fruiting bananas can not boast resistance to even the lightest deviation from the perfect moisture content. They can be grown only in a greenhouse with controlled microclimate. But there are types that are much better adapted to the room conditions:

  • the pink velvet banana (Musa velutina);
  • the Japanese banana (Musa basjoo);
  • Danilevsky banana (Musa sikkimensis), mainly represented by one variety — colourful ‘Red Tiger’ (in the directory sometimes appears as red tiger banana);
  • the Yunnan banana (Musa yunnanensis);
  • banana pointy? or Cavendish (Musa acuminata, a synonym Musa cavendishii);
  • the closest relative of the banana snow banana, or Ensete, also known as a banana, elephant foot (Ensete glaucum, a synonym of Musa glauca).

But if possible, it is better to buy a banana variety, derived from plants, have successfully grown in the room. Many local varieties are much better adapted to the contents in the rooms, than their Western relatives.

The apartment is in a banana how to grow tropical miracle

The apartment is in a banana how to grow tropical miracle

The apartment is in a banana how to grow tropical miracle

Growing conditions for bananas in the room

Bananas are considered to be much better suited not to the rooms, and to the culture of greenhouses and winter gardens, heated greenhouses, where they fit in with the tropical collection and that of the fruit of the «southern» plants.

And the status of the plant primarily greenhouse the banana is explained very simply – all key factors for success in growing these amazing herbaceous perennials in the greenhouses to recreate the easiest.

The main factors for the normal development of bananas:

  • Humidity at a constant high performance.
  • Intense lighting.
  • The availability of sufficient space for free development – spacious room and the ability to place a banana where it will not be crowded – no contact with walls, glass, with loosely scattered leaves and uniform habit.

Of course, the greenhouse system and climate control allow you to provide a banana in these vital growth factors and development. But the tropical status of the banana does not prevent to find a perfect place in the living room.

Like other tropical crops, bananas just require more careful care and control conditions. And, of course, a certain amount of experience. Are not plants which can be easy to forget. But if you have a collection of moisture-loving beauties from the tropics, the banana can easily be a part of it.

The apartment is in a banana how to grow tropical miracle

Bright lighting

If the nature of the bananas are doing great even with the strongest heat, the room in direct sun react very large burns and quick drying-not even old leaves.

Choosing lights for indoor bananas, should find the brightest spot in which to provide diffused light (protect the bananas with a screen, a film, a thin curtain).

Best any bananas grow in the South Windows, and the optimum characteristics are the Windows of the South-Eastern orientation. If South options available, you can grow a banana in the room on the windowsill East or West window. Of course, in the greenhouse lighting must match the Windows and South orientation.

In winter, the banana needs the artificial supplementary lighting to extend the photoperiod to at least 10 hours. And regularly need to turn to uniform crown.

Tropical humidity

For the normal development of bananas need to create an environment with tropical humidity of not lower than 70%. Fortunately, this parameter has bananas not too picky about the consistency: they can withstand short fluctuations and the humidity fluctuations.

Of course, the installation of humidifiers and create a controlled microclimate is the best option. Suitable even pallets of moss or expanded clay. But that banana leaves do not lose the Shine and did not dry up in the indoor format is quite frequent spraying, dushevnie and «wiping» with a damp sponge (at least 1 time per week).

Abundant watering and generous feeding

Bananas in spring and summer require generous watering, without stagnant water in trays with easy drying just the top of the substrate. In winter, the humidity greatly reduce, spending light and infrequent irrigation, which is supporting a stable humidity of the substrate, but giving it a good dry top. At any time of year, watering can be carried out only soft, lukewarm water.

Bananas grow quickly, and their large leaves require a considerable amount of nutrients. From spring to autumn, until the bananas are actively growing, feeding is carried out every 1.5-2 weeks after heavy watering. For this plant it is best to alternate organic and full of mineral supplements.

The apartment is in a banana how to grow tropical miracle

Particular care for potted bananas

Bananas — lovers of fresh air

Potted bananas in the warm months when night temperature drops below 18 degrees, great to grow outdoors. They can be placed on the balcony or in the garden, in the shade.

But in a better to regularly ventilate, protecting from drafts. Extremes of temperature for this plant is undesirable, and constant drafts badly affect the development of the plant.

Temperature mode

Heat-loving and accustomed only to the hot climate, potted bananas prefer to grow in conditions in which even down to 16 degrees is not allowed.

Some domestic varieties are able to withstand a temperature of 10-12 degrees, but due to this stamina they lose their carolinawest. So, a very popular variety of «Kyiv dwarf» better to grow up at 18-23 degrees Celsius.

But overall room bananas resistant to heat. They grow well in summer and temperatures above 25 degrees, not afraid of increasing performance up to 30 degrees and above.

Wintering temperature should be warm, stable, but not hot. It is best to keep bananas in the fall and winter at a temperature of from 18 to 20 degrees Celsius.

Annual transplant

Banana grows well only when he has room to develop if the roots have nowhere to grow, then the aerial parts also stop growing. That is why bananas are grown in a roomy, wide, spacious containers and with a thick drainage layer, sprinkle the top with sand. But the substrate they use a common – versatile, loose and nutritious.

Usually this plant are transplanted each year, but can be transplanted if the banana is pleasantly surprising growth. Bananas always carefully rolled over, keeping the soil ball, but setting the plant lower, slightly recessed compared to the previous planting to stimulate the discharge of children and increase yields.

To get the bananas adapted quickly enough to water them with warm water and put on a good light in the mild temperatures. Important «detail» — tilling the soil. It very neatly carried out in a few days after planting to aerate the old com of the land.

The apartment is in a banana how to grow tropical miracle

Diseases and pests of banana

In ideal conditions, the health of the banana no problem. Room bananas rarely get sick, suffering from rot subject to improper lighting, temperature and humidity. And pests will not find even on very advanced plants.

The restoration of normal soil humidity, elimination of drafts and hypothermia is the main tool in the fight against decay along with an emergency transplant. But bananas are easier to replace than to save.

Reproduction bedroom bananas

Bananas – without exaggeration, the most simple in breeding of tropical plants indoor format. The ease of getting offspring is the main reason their affordable prices. Room bananas in abundance produce children, who, after separation in small pots quickly take root and start to grow.

Vegetative propagation is much easier to seed and self-seeds to collect. But in the sale they are common, a special room of sorts. And if the expectation of a germination of 3 to 6 months does not scare you, then it is sufficient to soak the seeds for 12-24 hours (or until tender shell) and carry out the scarification.

Do not sow seeds, but press into the soil. The young plants are just like adults bananas, but they need to replant more often.