Take care of Ferocactus

Take care of Ferocactus

Ferocactus (Ferocactus) — cactus from the arid and hot parts of Mexico. Found this member of the cactus family and in the southwestern regions of North America. The roots of this type of plants are poorly developed and does not go into depth and breadth. Their zahlamlennost varies only from 3 to 20 cm. So Lets Take care of Ferocactus

The home of Ferocactus these plants are widely used by local residents in the economic needs. Cactus is extracted from the pulp, which is used to feed cattle and the stem is carefully dried and used as a tub for storage. Hooked thorns turned into tackle for fishing, and sharp used as a sewing.

Cylindrical Ferocactus has another interesting ability: he can become a human compass. The stems of this plant are always slightly tilted on the Sunny South side.

1 Description and characteristics of Ferocactus 2 Care Ferocactus at home 2.1 Lighting 2.2 Temperature 2.3 2.4 Mode of irrigation the moisture Level 2.5 Soil for planting, Fertilizing 2.6 2.7 3 Transplant Propagation of Ferocactus 4 pests and Diseases 5 Main types of Ferocactus 5.1 sirokouhly Ferocactus (Ferocactus latispinus) 5.2 Ford Ferocactus (Ferocactus fordii) 5.3 powerful Ferocactus (Ferocactus robustus) 5.4 phramacology Ferocactus (Ferocactus rectispinus) 5.5 cylindrical Ferocactus (Ferocactus acanthodes)

Description and characteristics of Ferocactus

Take care of Ferocactus


In the genus Ferocactus includes over 30 different types, different shapes of the stems. Some of these cacti can be spherical, to resemble a candle or to be a bit tapered. The size of the genus range from medium to gigantic four-meter. There are Ferocactus with single stalks, but among them there are also plants that generate multiple kids or even creating whole colonies of their own shoots.

The most common is Ferocactus with a straight, thickened triangular ribs. Despite the large size and hairiness of the areola, on the tip of the fluff is missing. These remarkable cacti and their spines: they can have an impressive size up to 13 cm, curves, and bright color. The shape of spines can change depending on species.

Cactus flowers are located on short scaly tube. Can simultaneously open several flowers, the period of their appearance usually is in the summer. Appear after flowering, oval fruit with black seeds. But to please the owner of flowers can only adult specimens, whose height reaches at least 25 cm due to the slow growth rate of cacti growers will have to be patient.

Take care of Ferocactus

Care Ferocactus at home

Take care of Ferocactus


Ferocactus refers to the number of undemanding plants, easy to care for.


For Ferocactus will need a very bright place, good southern window sill. For some types might need a little shading during hot Sunny days. In the summer, when it is finally established warm, you can move the pot outdoors in the balcony or even in the garden.

The lack of light is bad for the appearance of the cactus, with its thorns will shrink and fade, and sometimes even fall off.


Thermophilic Ferocactus in the summer, prefers the temperature to 35 degrees. The lower threshold is considered +20 degrees. In winter, the temperature of the contents reduce by almost 2 times: in the room with the cactus should be 10 to 15 degrees. In dry land cacti are able to withstand the temperature drop to 5 degrees. But more cold room can destroy the flower.

Fresh air is very important for the normal development of cactus. Ventilate the room with him regularly, but the plant is protected from cold drafts.Take care of Ferocactus


Take care of Ferocactus


Watering Ferocactus rarely: for this you must wait for the complete drying earthen coma. For irrigation will benefit from a slightly warm and well-defended water.

If during the rest period cactus is in a cool room, from late autumn to early spring, watering is completely stopped. If in a room with it's warm, watering the plant should be exactly the same as in summer.

When watering you should try to direct the water to the walls of the pot. Not to fill the apical part of the cactus, the need to impose plant drainage layer. Suitable pebbles or gravel. Take care of Ferocactus

The humidity level

Dry apartment air Ferocactus is not terrible: it is perfectly resistant to such conditions. But the plant may accumulate dust. To delete it, the cactus, you can periodically arrange a warm shower, or clean it with a small brush or a brush with soft fibers.

The soil for planting

Take care of Ferocactus


So, the natural habitat of Ferocactus different stony or calcareous soil. The same soil should give him at home. Perfect land for a cactus to be quite acidic (pH 7-8). Typically a mixture of turf and leaf soil added sand and small rocks or broken bricks. This will provide the plant with necessary drainage and air flow to the roots. So they don't rot, you need to add to the soil some charcoal.

For planting you can use a specialized soil for cacti. It is also added drainage elements and sand. This will allow the moisture does not stagnate in the ground.


Ferocactus does not require a large amount of fertilizer. It usually grows in poor, barren land. To maintain the health of the plant in the pot to feed him only once a month during active growth. To do this, use half the dose of standard liquid fertilizer for cacti or succulents. If the cactus is growing in is rich in trace elements soil, then fertilizing it need not be.Take care of Ferocactus


The slow growth of Ferocactus and small size of its root system relieve the owner from want often to transplant a flower. Do it only when absolutely necessary. Moving to a new location, this plant tolerates bad and for a very long time adapting to the pot. Besides, long hooked spines make this procedure particularly uncomfortable. This cactus is very difficult to take in hand, or wrap the paper, without harming its appearance. If the rhizome is still growing, for the plant selected a wide low pot.

Propagation of Ferocactus

Take care of Ferocactus


There are two ways of propagation of Ferocactus. First — seed, quite easy and simple. The seeds should be kept in warm water during the day. As the substrate used universal soil for cacti, mixed with sand. Moisten it to a depth of 0.5 cm are placed the seeds. Pot with them, put under the film and leave in a warm and light place. Every day the film opened for ventilation. Sprouts may appear within a month. When they are a few weeks, cacti planted in different pots.

The second way is the Department of "children". He is best suited for cacti, forming them in significant quantities. Cut places you will need to sprinkle with ashes and a few days to keep the process on the air. Then plant it in a damp mixture of sand and charcoal. Boarding capacity you can cover the jar or bag. As soon as the process will take root, take them out.

Diseases and pests

The main cause of diseases of cactus and overflow. Especially often the cause of the decay of its roots have become frequent watering during the cold winter.

Damage to the plant can cause aphids, mealybugs or spider mites. As soon as the malicious insect was discovered, you have to clean Ferocactus under a warm shower so that the water does not leak on the ground. If the procedure has not helped, you should handle flower special preparations.

Principal of Ferocactus

Sirokouhly Ferocactus (Ferocactus latispinus)

Take care of Ferocactus


The most elegant of all the species of Ferocactus is also called "the devil's language." This cactus is quite compact: diameter of adult plants is about 40 cm.

Its stem resembles a slightly flattened ball of greenish-blue color. The number of ribs can reach 23 units. They have a relatively large height. Large areolas is up to 4 wide reddish spines up to 8 cm in length. Next to them are up to 12 light pink thin radial spines length of about 2 see the biggest thorn bent downward and is shaped like a protruding tongue. She is the plant owes its popular name.

Sirokouhly Ferocactus has large flowers of red or purple up to 5 cm in diameter. Form they resemble bells.

Ford Ferocactus (Ferocactus fordii)

Take care of Ferocactus


Another type of Ferocactus has similar small size — up to 40 cm difference from Shirokogorov counterpart is that the Central spines Ford is much thinner and paler colored. The flowers of this cactus is 1 cm larger and have a light yellow color.

Powerful Ferocactus (Ferocactus robustus)

Take care of Ferocactus


Due to the abundance of basal kids, this cactus can form large colonies pillows. If m. height of individual plants together they can reach 5 meter wide. The powerful stems of Ferocactus globular, with clearly marked 8th ribs. They have a dark green tint. Flat spines are painted in brown tones and have different length. Bright yellow-orange flowers size reaches 4 cm. Take care of Ferocactus

Phramacology Ferocactus (Ferocactus rectispinus)

Take care of Ferocactus


The cylindrical stems of this species can grow up to a meter in height. In diameter it does not usually exceed 35 cm. the Distinguishing feature of this Ferocactus — the most impressive spines up to 25 cm in length. They have a yellowish-brown color, and at the ends, curved hooks, painted in pale pink. The size of its light yellow flowers is about 5 cm.

The cylindrical Ferocactus (Ferocactus acanthodes)

Take care of Ferocactus


Because of the huge number of long curved reddish spines cactus has received the name "devil's pincushion". Radial spines of this species can overlap a pair of adjacent ribs. Because of their length they messed up, almost completely hiding the surface of the cactus. The size of the Central spines up to 10 cm

Especially awesome view of the cylindrical Ferocactus give its dimensions. In nature it can grow up to three metres high with a width of 60 cm Color of its stem — dark green. The flowers have a yellow-orange color. And a diameter of 5 cm is Sometimes this cactus appear side branches-kids, but too big colonies it forms.

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