Seedlings in the «snail» pot

Seedlings in the

Seedlings in the «snail»

To grow seedlings in the «snail» pot is very convenient. This method of planting allows you to place a large number of seedlings closer to the heat source or lamps for extra illumination. And this is important, is quite difficult to maintain optimal conditions for seedlings. Seedlings in the «snail» pot takes up little space, care for her much easier. Another «plus» — that even if the seedling is grown with swordplay, its roots intertwine. As each seed is planted individually between the spirals of snail and plants are easier to tolerate the process of a dive.

Seedlings in snails can grow, and without picks, but then you have to strictly adhere to the terms and rules of sowing do not sow, seeds to plant freely, preventing the thickening, and the snail to make a little higher. I grow this way most vegetable crops: seedlings of peppers, eggplant, tomatoes, onions, spicy greens, strawberries. Of flowers — Petunia, eustoma, marigolds, begonias, asters, zinnias, annual dahlias, pelargonium, seedlings of some perennials.

For making snail special materials are not necessary. I use the film as part of the greenhouse, but not the thinnest. In bags of such film is usually sold in the ground for plants, packaged bulky goods. Of the film need to carve out strips with a width of 10…15 cm, length 50…100 cm. Strip should be folded in half across the width, it will be the height of «snail».  Bend film should be at the top of the snail, otherwise the seeds will fall in between the two layers of film!

Be sure to prepare the soil loose with agroperlite and coconut substrate. During the twist «snails» it is sealed, therefore, without disintegrating supplements to the good soil the seedlings to grow will be difficult. The root system of plants will experience a shortage in oxygen that is very bad for its development.Further, the process of making «snails for seedlings» spend according to the following pattern:Folded in half across the width of the tape should be put on the edge. Directly spinning a film into a «snail» better together with a helper: one pours and levels the earth, the second slowly turns «snail».

Next to the table put the bucket on the stool, and from there take land and there throw extra. Seam seal with tape. Elastic money is not suitable, it creates a constriction, the seedling will be difficult to develop.Snails are placed in containers (I use the food, volume of 0.7 — 1 liter) for one or two, depending on size. To the bottom definitely need to put drainage – perlite, expanded clay.

During the manufacture of the «snail» part of the earth wakes up by, will need cleaning, so it is better for the future to procure more «snails».The seeds are sown between the spirals of the cochlea in normal seedling capacity. If you fail to immediately make a neat center «snail», then the seeding will be a little better from him to retreat. It may happen that in the twisted tape will have nowhere to grow roots.If seedlings appear in the light – Petunia, begonia, strawberry seeds are lightly pressed against the surface of the soil.

The other seeds are sown at the recommended depth.The soil carefully watered. So the container is placed in a bag and put in a warm place.Crops are constantly checked as soon as you start to see the seedlings, put them closer to the light source.Further, as in the traditional method of sowing: the airing of crops, watering, fertilizing.

The soil in the «snails» less dry, so in the future such seedlings will need to be watered less often.If the seedling is grown up with the picks, then dive down the growth of seedlings. Tear off a strip of tape and slowly unwinding, take out the plants and planted in separate cups. If you do everything carefully, slowly, the plants quickly take root and start to grow.

If the seedlings are grown for planting in the open ground without picks, it is planted as the soil warms up and the air to the right of each culture indicators. If you plant earlier, the «snails» of seedlings can be some time to overdo in the greenhouse.I hope my experience will be useful for you and the process of growing seedlings in the «snails» would be a convenient way of sowing seeds for seedlings.