Proper planting of cedar seedlings in the garden

Cedar – why is it so difficult

Cedar pine — biological name of the cedar, which he successfully cultivated on the territory of Central Russia. Such cedars before the revolution were planted in the manor estates. Today, the former manor house badly damaged. But the trees survived and grow, there are some cedars and small trees. In this article I will tell you about proper planting of cedar seedlings in the garden

In nature pine pine grow on the territory of the Far East, the Himalayas and the Mediterranean. The experience of pre-revolutionary plantations says that these trees can grow everywhere in Russia. It is important to provide them necessary care in the first 10-15 years after planting. They will continue to grow successfully themselves.

Proper planting of cedar seedlings in the garden Photo care instructions

A good seedling is half the battle

A good quality seedling from growing kidneys, a lump of earth – the basis of successful growth of a cedar. For planting on the site best buy cedar pine in the nursery. Her survival rate will be higher than those excavated in the woods. However, the timber cedar can also be transplanted if you dig it up with a lump and to fully preserve the root system.

cedar seedlings in the garden

A seedling from the forest

Why not root seedlings of many conifers are dug in the woods? Because along with the ground, the roots lose their small absorbing roots. It is important for all trees. Especially bad to lose the fine roots of conifers, and catastrophic for cedars. Transplant them be sure to the earth on the roots.

Not always possible to dig up a tree with a lump. Conifers like loose soil. Often are sown in sandy soil. Therefore, when digging the earth crumbles, exposing the root.

In order to transplant the cedar of the forest, use the following method. In the autumn, when the heat obamaite the tree-width of a shovel around the perimeter, the size of the future coma. From the earth do not remove, leave until cold. When the temperature drops below -5°C, take the sapling along with the frozen ground.

Despite the cold, to prevent spillage coma, you should wrap it with canvas or polyethylene, tie with twine, rope, to transport trees to the site.

Note: the size of the clod of earth should be wider than the diameter of the crown projection on the ground. The projection of the crown gives the estimated size of the root of the tree.

cedar seedlings in the garden

How to plant a cedar from the woods with a compass and cutting

When transplanting forest seedlings it is necessary to consider its location relative to the cardinal directions (measure with compass). We must try to turn it to the NorthSouth it is also, as he grew up in the woods. This will increase the chances of a tree to settle down in a new place.

After transplanting it is necessary to cut the branches in half. This will also facilitate survival. New branches will grow by next summer.

A seedling from a nursery

Buying seedlings from the nursery, you get it in the container. By the way, is one of the factors which determine the quality of seedlings. If the cedar is sold without a container, if the roots of the earth no coma, wrapped in burlap, do not buy. Seedling with bare roots will not survive. Other factors are the living growth buds located at the ends of branches. And live green needles, without yellowing and other signs of drying.

Note: if you are in doubt whether a seedling cedar or regular pine tree, count the number of needles that come out of one beam. Cedar 5, at pine – 2. Thanks to the dense placement of the needles in the beam, cedar produces a dense crown, and therefore looks fine.

Proper planting of cedar seedlings in the garden Photo care instructions

So, by purchasing a seedling in a container, you get a plant ready to transplant. You only need to properly prepare the hole and plant the tree. Cedar seedlings in the garden it is a great idea!

Mulch and mushrooms-the symbiote

Mulch for the little cedar performs two important functions:

  1. Keeps soil moisture.
  2. Creates and maintains the conditions for life of mushroom mycelia of the symbiotic cedar.

From school biology we remember that symbiotes are organisms that mutually help each other. There are certain types of fungi that live in tree trunks circle of pine trees. They absorb from the soil nutrients unavailable to ephedra, process them and supply to the tree roots food ready for assimilation. That’s why the mycelium of the symbiotic — all necessary conditions for survival and growth of pine forests.

For the growth of mycelium necessary cedar coniferous mulch. It can be mixed with sawdust or pour under a sapling clean the needles of cedar, pine, spruce.

Mushroom mycelium can order or buy in a specialty nursery. Or brought from a forest. To gather mushrooms in cedar grove, pour water, to insist night. Then pour the infusion of the ground near tree trunks around. Another option is to put a few overripe fungi in the planting hole.

Proper planting of cedar seedlings in the garden Photo care instructions

Important: it is necessary to plant those species of fungi which are suitable for conifers and cedar.

Is it possible to grow seedlings from nuts?

The cultivation of pine trees independently from peanuts – one of the options to get your own seedlings. The germination process has the following features:

cedar seedlings in the garden

  1. In order to choose the viable nuts before stratification they fill with water. Some nuts will float, some will sink to the bottom. To take for further processing and landing have «sunken» nuts.
  2. Pine nuts for germination need a long stratification. To do this, they are immersed in the snow and stand in the cold for 3-4 months. Note: before prikapyvayut snow the seeds are put in a bag. Another option stratification in wet sand in a container in the freezer. Those 3-4 months.
  3. Before stratification, the nuts are soaked in a solution of potassium manganese (potassium permanganate). The need for antiseptic treatment is associated with a tendency of pine seedlings be affected by fungus. Soaking nuts in potassium permanganate reduces the likelihood of fungus on the roots of a tree. Note: soaking in potassium permanganate should not be too long. No more than 15 minutes with a compulsory rinsing the nuts in running water manganese.
  4. After stratification, the nuts are planted in a container with soil and drainage. Soil – a mixture of soil and sand in equal amounts. Nuts lightly pressed into the potting mix and watered. If the air is dry – cover the container with foil.

Proper planting of cedar seedlings in the garden Photo care instructions

Note: even if there is a strong commitment to technology grows no more than 30% of the planted nuts. From saplings grow to Mature trees – another third. Be prepared for it. No wonder they say that the cedar is very difficult to grow.

So, to summarise — cedar seedlings in the garden

If you have decided to grow a cedar from nuts you must stratify for planting material. Sapling cedar it is best to transplant in late autumn. Always with a clod of earth. For planted cedar should be taken care of in the first 15 years of his life – to pour, pour mulch.

Proper planting of cedar seedlings in the garden Photo care instructions

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