What plants attracting happiness into the house?

What plants attracting happiness into the house?

Every living organism has its own power, so getting a room, you know that every flower has magical powers able to evoke in us certain emotions and mood. If you want to be in your home were always filled with joy and happiness dwelt in it a couple of potted flower symbolizing family well-being.

We offer a small selection of the most popular flowers to attract happiness into the house with the names, photos and brief description of the care rules:

What plants attracting happiness into the house?

Begonia – a versatile houseplant, there are varieties with colorful leaves or gorgeous flowers. Begonias have strong energy and a calm evening after a busy day admiring the begonia, you quietly relax and find a solution to the hanging problem. In addition to peace blooming begonia awakens the joy of life, the desire to move forward and inspiring.

Begonias can be placed in the house in any room – the bedroom, nursery or kitchen. This plant has a positive effect not only on human emotions, but also on health, as they are able to clean the air from harmful impurities and bacteria.

Care begonias growing at home is regular watering, fertilizing once in two weeks. The flower thrives in bright diffused light and moderate temperatures from +20 to +25 degrees, with no drafts.

What plants attracting happiness into the house?

A small pot of blooming violets on the windowsill is a real protector of the family hearth. First, this home flower protects their owners from disease and that there is scientific evidence. African violets have the ability to emit volatile volatile, these substances clean the air from micro-organisms causing disease.

Flowers violets soothe, to create an aura of harmony, improve mood and the best way to affect children, so be sure to put a pot of violets in the nursery. Care for violets is to moderate watering in the pan and the annual transplant to the new soil in the spring. Blossom violet will be long in bright ambient lighting.What plants attracting happiness into the house?

What plants attracting happiness into the house?

Spathiphyllum is a flower of happiness, a symbol of hope and love, they represent the flowers of the plant look like white sails. All girls dream to get married, but married to get pregnant, you need to buy a Spathiphyllum and soon the flower will help you to fulfill the cherished desire. Spathiphyllum not only decorates the room, gorgeous greenery and flowers, this plant is filters the air from harmful substances – acetone, phenol, toluene, and others. If the house has smokers be sure to put in the room Spathiphyllum ,green leaves absorb the smoke and the air is saturated with oxygen.

When you care for a Spathiphyllum watch out for humidity, in a dry atmosphere leaf tips wither, so the plant must be frequently sprayed. Spathiphyllum watered abundantly in summer, moderately in winter. Flowers of Spathiphyllum will constantly appear new, if the plant is bright enough ambient lighting on the window sill in the room will have only to admire the lush emerald leaves.

What plants attracting happiness into the house?

If a symbol of women's happiness are a flower Spathiphyllum, that for men, the flower is the talisman is an Anthurium. Want your husband has become successful, give him this luxurious houseplant with shiny heart-shaped leaves and unusual flowers of thin cob with red bracteal leaf. This plant is fire, gives the owner confidence and strength.What plants attracting happiness into the house?

Anthurium is a tropical plant, hardy, likes the sun, but without the hot midday sun, regular watering and spraying. Does not tolerate drafts and cool content. Keep the pot with the plant standing on the warm ground.

What plants attracting happiness into the house?

A brightly blooming Kalanchoe brings harmony to relationships, if your family quarrels often arise ,Kalanchoe in the house will help to settle disagreements, to negotiate, to listen and to trust each other. Kalanchoe plant with known medicinal properties, not only heals small wounds and cuts, it also brings marital happiness to the house.

So Kalanchoe is a flower of a succulent, so drying out the soil in the pot, but prefers regular watering. Kalanchoe loves the sun and heat, the flower should be put on the South window, but in sunlight the plant will be long and bloom luxuriantly.

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