Moon phases in September 2019 by day for gardeners


Calendar gardener and gardener on 1 September 2019 today, or You are interested in the date according to the lunar calendar gardener and grower. Which phase of the moon, visibility, sunrise, sunset, and the entry of the moon in the sign of the zodiac You can look at this page and still all about planting and caring for them for the whole month in the lunar calendar gardener and grower of September 2019. As well as favorable and unfavorable days for planting and replanting, including room and care for today or any other date.

Moon phases in September 2019

Moon phases in September 2019 by day for gardeners


  • The moon grows from 1 to 13 September.
  • The full moon on September 14.
  • The moon is waning, from 15 to 27 September.
  • The new moon on September 28.
  • The moon is rising again on 29 and 30 September.


Moon phases in September 2019 by day for gardeners

Moon phases in September 2019 by day for gardeners

Which days Sep it is best to plant vegetables

  • Lunar planting calendar for gardeners in September 2019 notifies lovers of delicious vegetable crops from the garden that in the coming September will be quite a lot of days in order to plant the plants you need.


  • However, before you can plant certain vegetables, you need not only to consult with the lunar calendar, but also to check how your desired plants are able to coexist next to each other, if the beds are planned at a sufficiently close distance from each other.

Thus, the most favorable days for planting vegetable crops in the future September will be:

  • For Luke the most optimal days for planting will be early September, which includes such date, as 3, 5 and 7, and then gardeners can catch up only at the very end, when it comes to 27 and 29 of numbers;
  • Cucumbers can be planted throughout September, however, the lunar calendar recommends 1-5 and 8-9, after which you will need to take a break and annoy all cucumbers 13 and 29;
  • In tomato, the number of days that best contribute to the planting of this crop, much more than 3, 13-19, 23-24 and 30 September, so do not worry that you will not have the time to plant tomatoes;
  • Cabbage is best planted in September in the beginning of the month, i.e. 1, 3 and 5, and at the very end when, on 22 and 24 September;
  • Carrots also can be planted in early September and the end of the month, that is on September 8 and 9, as well as 18 or 27 catch up and dosagethe some seeds;
  • Radish or radish are best planted either in early September, that is from 8 to 9, or almost at the very end, that is 22 to 30 September, so before planting, you must carefully consult the lunar calendar to not be lured and not to make mistakes;
  • Herbs, be it parsley or dill, it is best to plant in early September, that is from 1 to 9 September and in the middle of the 15th day, and then it will be possible to catch up until the end of September, 29 and 30.

It can be noted that some days of the landings for some species of plants coincide with favorable days for planting other varieties. You can focus on these dates in order to correctly distribute the location of all the varieties of vegetable crops for their comfortable existence together.

What do the green thumb in September of 2019:

Moon phases in September 2019 by day for gardeners

  • Collect fruit, berries. The first month of autumn is suitable for picking apples, pears, plums, Rowan. To pluck the fruits should be cautious, starting at the bottom.
  • To make fertilizer under the trees. During the season the soil is depleted, so it is necessary to fertilize. In the autumn is to add potash and phosphate fertilizers. Ash, sulfate and potassium chloride, superphosphate is a great choice.
  • To handle the plot from pests. Before the leaves fall off, and pests hide, you need to process garden insecticides. Well the following preparations: Aktara, INTA-VIR.

Clear tree trunks circles. Do not leave the circles of tree trunks and bushes unattended. The plot should remove weeds. Otherwise, even before the frost weeds will grow, multiply and bring vacationers a lot of trouble in the new season. After weeding, you need paraglide and mulch the soil. As mulch you can use peat, compost, rotted sawdust. To hold the glaze. After the summer season, the trees need high-quality watering. The soil should be wet to a depth of 1 m. For this purpose, under the young trees need to pour 40 liters of water, in adults 60 liters to Make sanitary pruning.

According to lunar planting calendar for September 2019, pruning is an important procedure. To begin to inspect the bushes to cut, dry and sick branches. Along with this, we can also conduct formative pruning.

The influence of moon phase for planting

Moon phases in September 2019 by day for gardeners

Moon phases in September 2019 impact both on plant roots and aerial part. Planting at a specific lunar day may hasten their emergence, growth and impact on the future fruits of plants.

Some days from planting, weeding and loosening the roots of plants and flowers should be avoided, as this may cause damage to plants, growth, decay, or such as to compromise their energy balance. This affects not only direct work with the land and other work in the garden and garden.

If you want to harvest, then You obviously need to September 2019 everything was done according to the lunar planting calendar.

If You planted plant, especially perennials, trees, with the anticipated long lifespan, seedlings only on the growing moon, preferably before the full moon. On the day of the new moon should not do it.

The plants are planted before the full moon, will be of high growth. Like all things aimed at the development should start on the growing moon and a new life in a new place plants, especially perennials should be given on the growing moon.