Money Plant Care

Money Plant Care

If, in a conversation with a person who is far from floriculture, the word “ crassula ” is mentioned, then he will shrug his shoulders. If you say «fat woman», then, perhaps, he will remember that he heard such a name. And if you say “money tree”, he will say for sure that he knows him and saw him. And we are talking about one plant.

Crassula’s homeland is hot Africa, but it has long settled in home and office interiors around the world.

Home care for the money tree

Money Plant CareLocation and Lighting: The money tree loves light. The amount of sunlight directly affects the color of the foliage. For example, if you have flowering varieties, or varieties with variegated leaves, then with a lack of light, the former will not bloom, and the latter will lose their color. Therefore, the best places for her are windows facing south, southeast and southwest. Direct sunlight for Crassula is practically not dangerous. The exception is varieties with a pure green leaf color. From the scorching sun, a reddish edging may appear along the edges of the foliage, or the entire surface may turn red-brown. Therefore, shade such a plant with a curtain during the day.

On the northern windows, the fat woman will need artificial illumination of a phytolamp or an ordinary fluorescent lamp. From a lack of light, the shoots can become thinner, and the leaves of the money tree fall off. In order for the crown to form beautifully and not warp, regularly turn the plant towards the light with its different sides.

Therefore, if the question arises, the money tree prefers light or shadow, then definitely light.

Air : In summer, fat women will be happy if you take them out into the open air — to the balcony, veranda, to the garden. If all this is not there, you can simply lower the money tree to the floor, where it is always a little cooler. Ventilate the room often. Just choose a place where drafts do not fall.

Temperature: Comfortable temperature for Crassula is +22 — +28℃. However, from the end of November to the beginning of February, the plant has a dormant period, and at this time it needs a temperature of about +14 — +16℃. Just put it away from the heating, perhaps near the door to the balcony. And if you have an insulated loggia, then the plant will be able to winter there even at a temperature of +8 — +10℃. The money tree cannot be kept warm in winter. Try to provide her with a three-month winter rest in a cool place, otherwise the foliage may fall off the plant. Unlike many other plants, daily temperature fluctuations benefit the plant.

Watering : Even in summer, Crassula does not require a lot of water — it is enough to water it abundantly once every 2 to 3 weeks. If the plant is young — in the heat, water it once a week. The exact signal for watering is if the soil has dried out a couple of centimeters deep. In autumn, water every 3 to 4 weeks, during this period, by the time of watering, the soil should dry 4 cm deep. The money tree is watered minimally in winter.

Moisture: Crassula not only does not need spraying, they are contraindicated for her, as this can worsen the appearance of the leaves and lead to their decay. Such unpretentiousness is convenient for those who, due to circumstances, often leave home for a long time, the plant can calmly wait for you.

Hygiene: despite the fact that it is not worth spraying the fat woman, to maintain the cleanliness and free breathing of its leaves, the plant needs to be wiped periodically. A small crassula can even be washed under a warm shower in the bathroom.

Soil and pot: Crassula is a succulent whose roots cannot stand constant moisture in the soil. Therefore, pots without a drainage hole are contraindicated for her. It is tedious to choose the right soil. For a fat woman, you can purchase soil for succulents, or you can make the following mixture yourself: 3 parts of sod land and 1 part of leaf, humus, river sand and fine gravel.

Possible problems

Money tree leaves fall causes:

If the branches of the money tree began to grow bald, the reason, of course, lies in improper care. Even for such an unpretentious plant, you need to create comfortable conditions so that it will please you for a long time. After reviewing these reasons, you will understand what is unacceptable for a money tree.

  1. Crassula foliage may fall off if you water the plant too infrequently. The roots of the flower become thinner, the branches lose their elasticity and the foliage falls off. Therefore, do not allow the earth in the pot to dry out completely, but also do not pour the plant too abundantly so that the roots do not begin to rot. Watering the fat woman should be moderate.
  2. At too high a temperature in the summer heat, an excess of ultraviolet radiation and direct sunlight can leave burns on the leaves, which is why the money tree can also throw off the foliage. Therefore, shade the flower in the summer, or move it from the south window to another place.
  3. The foliage of a money tree can fall off strongly if you “overfed” the plant with fertilizers. An excess of microelements and minerals can be more dangerous than a deficiency. Fertilize the plant only from March to September, in the rest of the year, bait is stopped for the dormant period of the plant.
  4. Too low or vice versa high temperature can cause the money tree to shed its foliage. The plant is comfortable at normal room temperature, extreme drops and cold drafts are fraught with baldness for it.
  5. Do not water the flower with ice water, as this is stressful for the root system. Water for irrigation should be at normal room temperature, slightly warm.

Money tree pests:

Sometimes a plant can be affected by a mealybug, which also leads to leaf fall and death of the plant. In order to prevent diseases, keep the plant indoors with a humidity level of no higher than 60% and a temperature no higher than 30 degrees.

Periodic inspection of the plant can help to notice the appearance of parasites in time — a white coating appears on the leaves and branches. If it is, it is necessary to remove the affected foliage from the crassula, wipe the flower with a wet soapy cloth, and then treat it with a special agent.

Money Plant Care

Money Plant Care

Interesting fact

Money tree and its useful properties:

The healing properties of the money tree, first of all, consist in the fact that they secrete phytoncides, which have a detrimental effect on viruses, fungi and bacteria, disinfecting the air in the room.

Crassula juice is used to treat diseases. It is added to rinses for tonsillitis and periodontitis, lotions are made for insect bites, cuts, abscesses and herpes, lubricate corns, rub sore spots with arthritis and arthrosis. But we must remember that all manipulations should be only external. Leaves or juice should not be consumed internally, as they contain arsenic.


  • Based on the name, it is widely believed that the money tree attracts financial well-being to the house where it grows. It is because of this belief that many grow their home money tree. To enhance the effect of attracting money, especially impressionable owners of fat women bury 2-3 coins in a pot.
  • It is believed that the fat woman cleanses the room of negative energy. Of course, all this is provided that she herself is well-groomed and healthy, because an unhealthy plant can have the opposite effect — to attract failure, lack of money into the house.
  • The fat woman is unpretentious in care, but she is sensitive to the atmosphere of scandals at home, the negative energy of stress or illness of the owners, therefore, under such conditions, she herself can wither. Therefore, if a money tree has settled on your window, try to have peace in your house. And with it comes financial well-being. Everything in the world works just like that!