Infusion of garlic against garden pests


In the home garden farmers face the onslaught of various pests, which adversely affect future harvest and their livelihoods destroy the plants. Garlic is rightly called a natural insecticide. It includes antimicrobial substances (volatile production), toxic component (diallylsulfide), active esters, showing its effectiveness against leaf-eating caterpillars, spider mites, various small larvae and other harmful insects. Cook garlic infusions for spraying against pests should be based on their appearance, making the tool more or less concentrated. Only with this approach, the treatment will be effective.

Infusion of garlic against garden pests

The efficiency of the use

Using the garden water infused with garlic, you can not only save the affected plant, but also to protect other plants from attack of pests. Natural insecticide exhibits activity against:


  • aphids;
  • cabbage white;
  • snails;
  • slugs;
  • larvae of the Sawfly;
  • thrips.


Use an infusion to spray the plants against fungal and bacterial diseases. Often apply the garlic from the aphid. It is a small insect landing strikes the whole colonies and settling on the leaves, sucking the juice, impairing their viability.

From garden pests prepared solution carried out not only processing for the sheet, but also watering plants. The main thing – not to cause harm to the plant itself, so you should observe the amount of the main component specified in the instructions, the recipe.

Used in the garden is the infusion of the arrows of garlic, leaves, husk. In addition, to protect against harmful insects spicy culture are planted in close proximity currants, strawberries, tomatoes, potatoes, rose bushes, radish, spinach, cabbage, cucumbers. Shrubs should be treated during budding and after flowering. It has been noticed that garlic helps to fight the field mice. And the infusion of it helps to strengthen the immune power of the plantations, thus increasing resistance to various diseases and parasites.

Infusion of garlic against garden pests

Advantages and disadvantages of a garlic infusion

Spraying the plants with natural insecticides will provide protection to them during the season of garden pests and diseases. This is a worthy substitute of the chemical drugs, but they must be used in the early stages of lesion parasites. When the mass invasion of harmful microorganisms best herbs appropriate means. Of the positive characteristics of a garlic infusion note:


  • Environmentally friendly. The working solution is prepared of natural ingredients and does not harm any person or plant.
  • Simplicity in cooking. Natural poison enough to fill with water and allow time to infuse.
  • The ease of use. The infusion is filtered, poured into a special sprayer and sprinkle the leaves of plants.
  • The lack of habituation of the parasites. Such a feature plant solution gives the ability to use it throughout the season.


Despite the list of advantages, a natural insecticide has disadvantages:


  • Effective only early in the disease.
  • In case of exceeding the specified in the recipe norms of plant raw material solution may destroy the culture.


Despite the list of advantages, a natural insecticide has disadvantages:

Effective only early in the disease. In case of exceeding the specified in the recipe norms of plant raw material solution may destroy the culture.

Used infusions of garlic arrows against pests in the garden, the result was as high as possible, in a dry calm weather, in the morning or late in the evening. Treatment is recommended for 3 consecutive days, then 7 days break, and, if necessary procedure repeat.

Infusion of garlic against garden pests

Recipes and application

Depending on the kind of malicious organism is the recipe for the brew an individual. So, working solution against cabbage moths, aphids, earwigs, horned caterpillars is prepared as follows:

  1. Garlic cloves (liter Bank) good grind.
  2. Transfer to a container and pour the purified vegetable oil (0.5 l).
  3. Infuse the mixture for days.
  4. Drain and add to a solution of 2 tsp and 0.5 liters of water liquid soap in the amount of ½ tsp
  5. All components of the mix and again pass through a cheesecloth, a strainer.

The infusion of garlic is used for spraying against the development of brown rot, fungal infections.

Prepare the infusion you can in another recipe. This passed through a meat grinder vegetable raw materials and diluted with water in ratio of 1:1. Put in a warm dark place and allow to infuse for 7-10 days. Irrigation is carried out in solution made of 50 ml of infusion and 10 liter of water.

For the destruction of the carrot fly and cucumber aphids, fill the bucket half green leaves, add water (to the top) and let stand in the sun for two days. To protect against bacteriosis of cucumber between rows of well-planted garlic or onions. You can prepare an infusion of the arrows of garlic to combat these pests and water aisle.

Garlic husk used in the garden as a preventive measures. The working fluid is prepared from the crushed material (150 g) and 10 l of warm water. Insist day, after straining the tool is ready to use.

Soil for the destruction of parasites, make the broth for plants of onion peel (50 g), tobacco dust (50 g) and water (2.5 l). All the components are boiled for 2 hours, allow to infuse for 1 hour, then add a paste of garlic (50 g). Before applying the composition must be diluted with water (5 l).

Natural insecticide in the form of a spicy broth culture shows effectiveness against most garden pests. But it works only until the first rain. It should be prepared strictly according to the recipe in order to avoid negative impact on plants.