How To Take Care Of Aloe Vera Plant

Where to put aloe

Choose a well-lit spot for the plant, such as a west, east, or south window sill. In the northern, especially shaded, aloe there will be little light, and over time the flower will stretch, grind and lose its decorative effect.

How To Take Care Of Aloe Vera Plant

Do not put aloe in the shade, this plant needs good lighting.

If the plant has been in the shade for a long time, do not rearrange it immediately under the sun’s rays. Adapt to bright light gradually, leave in the morning sun for half an hour or an hour at first, and then gradually increase this period.

From spring to autumn, aloe feels fine at normal room temperature. In the warm months, it can be taken out to the balcony. Outdoors, choose a spot where the plant will be protected from the rain. Due to frequent rains, the earth in the pot will become swampy, and the roots will begin to rot.

A comfortable winter temperature is 13-15 ° C, but you can keep aloe at a normal room temperature. During this period, it is desirable to provide additional illumination with lamps.

How to water aloe

Use filtered , boiled or settled water at room temperature. From the cold, the roots may begin to rot, and from ordinary tap water, a white coating will appear on the soil over time.

Water sparingly. From spring to autumn, let the earth in the pot dry out about a third before moistening again. You can check this simply with your finger or a wooden stick with a blunt end. Be careful not to damage the roots. Do not water the plant if the soil has not had time to dry out sufficiently.

In the winter, when kept cool, let the potting soil dry out completely, and at normal room temperature, follow the watering schedule you follow the rest of the year.

Pour water from the top into a pot or into a drip tray, whichever is more convenient for you. After 15–20 minutes, remove any remaining moisture from the pan.

Spraying and additional humidification of aloe air are not needed.

To remove dust from the leaves, gently wipe them with a damp cloth or cotton pad. If desired, arrange a warm shower for the plant, before that, cover the earth in a pot with a bag.

How to transplant aloe

The best time to transplant aloe is spring. Young plants should preferably be moved to a new pot annually.

How To Take Care Of Aloe Vera Plant

Repot young plants annually.

Instances that are already 4–5 years old or more should be transplanted less frequently, about once every 2–3 years. Partially change potting soil in between. To do this, first loosen the soil from above, and then remove a layer of about one and a half to two centimeters with a spoon or hands. Then add new earth and lightly tamp it down.

Both for transplanting and for partial renewal of the soil, use soil for cacti and succulents. Add about a quarter of sand or perlite to the ground. At the bottom, be sure to put expanded clay drainage with a layer of a centimeter and a half.

Take a small pot, about a centimeter wider than before. Drainage holes are required in the bottom, through which excess moisture will leave during the upper watering or water will flow to the roots during the lower.

How to fertilize aloe

Feed from spring to early fall every three weeks. They promote good growth.

How To Take Care Of Aloe Vera Plant

Use regular succulent fertilizers . Add them only to moist soil. Do not fertilize the first month and a half after transplantation.

If you plan to use the plant for medicinal purposes, it is better to refrain from top dressing at all.

How to take care of aloe

  1. Place the plant in a well-lit area.
  2. In the summer, take aloe to the balcony. Take care of rain protection.
  3. Water moderately, avoid overflow.
  4. Provide a cool winter if possible.
  5. Repot your plant regularly in appropriate sized pots.
  6. Fertilize moderately.