How to repot an Orchid

How to repot an Orchid

The Orchid is considered a very difficult flower. And so the novice grower sometimes is not able to care for this capricious plant. Usually, a common error is the excessive attention and improper care for the Orchid, not its absence. This usually applies to almost all indoor plants.

For example, Chlorophytum and hibiscus, still can handle everything and even blunders, but for orchids, they can be deadly. There are many articles about orchids and almost all of them written about the importance and rules of her transplant. It is very important and at a certain time to repot the Orchid because otherwise it may simply die.

The roots of orchids are very hard and long to recover, so no need to once again unnecessarily to disturb the flower. So when you buy an Orchid at the store, there is no need to immediately repot in a new pot. Such actions are very difficult tolerated by the Orchid and can cause irreparable harm. It is recommended to transplant this tender plant, like an Orchid only in extreme cases.

When to repot a Orchid?

How to repot an Orchid

When to repot a Orchid?

About two or three years, the substrate for orchids can be suitable, and then it can be replaced. Therefore, you need to focus on these standards and the Orchid can be repotted once in two or three years. And then for the outward signs you will know when you need to repot the Orchid.

How to repot an Orchid

The main signs for transplanting orchids

  • If the pot had a lot of free space and the substrate is almost completely donkey and crumpled.
  • If perceptible smell of mold, damp and rotting leaves.
  • If the pot becomes heavier after watering than before.
  • If the roots are darkened and acquired a brown and grey color. Healthy roots will be green. If you saw the rotting roots, the plant is an urgent need to transplant!
  • If the Orchid has kind of faded.

If you notice that the substrate is a donkey, then you need to try to stretch to the time when the period of flowering and Orchid will start to produce new leaves and roots. It was then the best time to transplant plants and then she will continue to heal.

How to repot an Orchid

For this you need to very carefully pull the flower together with earth from the pot. If you do not, then it is better to cut the pot to avoid damaging the plant. Then you need the Orchid together with the substrate placed in a container with warm water, so that it was completely soaked.

Then use the shower to gently wash away the remnants of the substrate from the roots. Then you need to carefully inspect the plant and remove all the dead and damaged roots and line slices, sprinkle with charcoal. Next, put the flower on a paper towel until it is completely dry to the last drop of water.

How to repot an Orchid

During this time, you need to put a layer of expanded clay or ceramic shards to about a height of five inches on the bottom of the pot to ensure that water does not stagnate, and passes freely to the bottom.

Then you can fill the substrate with a height of five inches and it placed the prepared plant. About it you can put a number to the garter hanging down the stems, if any. On top you need to fill up the substrate and flatten his hand so he’s a little donkey.

It may be necessary to anchor the Orchid, the roots are well established. After that pot, you need to lower for some minutes in water and then give it a good drain and if it seemed the roots, you will have to fill up the substrate.

The optimal substrate for orchids is a mixture of charcoal, roots of ferns, bark, Styrofoam, moss, peat, and osmunda. It is better to buy ready-made in specialized stores.