How to grow peaches from seeds?

Many novice gardeners think that growing fruit trees from seed a lot of breeders and Industrialists. This is wrong! Almost any fruit tree can be grown this way. Including peach. This southern fruit tree gradually ceases to be so, every year moving farther North. What you need to grow peaches from seeds? In fact, very little of it. So, how to grow peaches from seeds?

  • To choose the right seed.
  • Choose the method of planting and to comply strictly with the technology.
  • The desire and belief in success.

Growing a peach tree from seeds

How to grow peaches from seeds? Photo care instructions

The choice of planting material

Looking ahead, I note that the best way to germinate a peach pit indoors. That is, in the normal container or a flower pot in the room. In such circumstances can grow even the stone is brought from the deep South. But this sapling will be absolutely useless. He will not survive in your climate. Consequently, the bone peach must be taken from the fruit of the tree grown in your climate zone. Ideally, if this is the fruit of the tree of your neighbor, growing and giving fruits the first year. You can find such fruit on the market. But the probability of running into inappropriate material is high. Store the peaches for germination of seed, almost always unusable.

Important! The fruit must only be lifted with own-rooted peach tree. Peaches grafted branches for propagation of the unfit!

Statistics show that only a quarter of the planted seeds are able to sprout and survive the growth process. Therefore, do not limit yourself to one or two bones. Try to get as many as possible.

The methods of «How to grow peaches from seeds?»

How to grow peaches from seeds? Photo care instructions

There are several ways. It is possible to rely on chance, and just remains of autumn in a secluded corner of the garden. But we must have great luck and lots of seeds of peach to this method was successful. It is not our method. Going to germinate a peach pit indoors at home.

Method the first.

This method is closest to natural process. It uses stratification. That is, the exposure of the planting material in cold and wet conditions. Actually – simulated winter conditions. It is quite suitable for the lower branch of the refrigerator.

To stratify peach pit best in moist coarse sand or perlite. You can use pure peat. As dishes suitable conventional technical flower pots with large drainage holes. Peach pit zaglubljajutsja to a depth of 5 – 8 inches. Then the pot is placed in a plastic bag in which it is necessary to make a few small holes for air access.

The process of germination of seeds with this method can take up to four months. Throughout this period, check the moisture of sand (perlite, peat). It should always be slightly damp. When the seeds sprout, from the refrigerator they can be removed. Then they are transplanted in a fertile, light soil. You can use the same pots. Bring them immediately to a warm place it is impossible. They provide good lighting and temperature within +10 degrees (on the balcony, for example). Through the week they will bring into the room. Watering should be moderate, as the drying of the upper soil layer.

This method of germination of seeds of peach, the most effective, giving the highest percentage of germination.

The second way.

Simplified or «warm». This method will require the preliminary preparation of the plant material. First of all, peach pit must undergo a process of rapid stratification in the same refrigerator, but on the upper shelves. Enough time will be 7 – 10 days. After that, it is advisable scarify a peach pit. Scarification – breaking of the integrity of the hard shell of the seed. How to do it, you can see – «the pearl of the bones».

Bone is placed in a solution of any stimulator (EPIN, IAA) for a few hours. Thus prepared peach pit, planted immediately in a light nutrient solution to a depth of 5 – 8 inches. To create the greenhouse effect, the pot is covered with a piece of transparent material or transparent cover (glass jar, for example). Germination should take place in a warm, lighted place. In this way, the process of germination of seeds of peach, too, takes a lot of time — up to four months. After crop emergence the cap is removed.

How to grow peaches from seeds? Photo care instructions

The third way.

Fast. The essence of this method is to extract the kernel of a peach pit. No matter how you do it. The main thing to do everything very carefully, without damaging the kernel. The extracted grain, place in a glass of warm water. There it will spend a few days, until the swell. The water in the glass change every day. Usually three days to grain swelling and visually increased in size. Then it is planted in a pot with fertile soil to a depth of 4 to 5 cm, covered with a film or glass cover and put on a bright, warm place. Sprout a bone peach much faster.

Important! Regardless of the chosen method, in all stages of germination of peach pit avoid as drying and waterlogged planting substrate. It should always be slightly damp.

Care sprouts peach


The most favorable soil for the growth and successful development of sprouts of peach – light, loose, fertile. To make it from two parts of the leaf (garden) land, one part peat, part of the humus (greenhouse earth) and parts of sand (agroperlite).


Normal room temperature is quite suitable. But, avoid sudden temperature changes and cold drafts.


Young seedlings require high light but no direct sunlight. If the light is not enough, which is important for winter and early spring, provide artificial glow fitolamp or white fluorescent lamps.


Water the sprouts of peach regularly, but moderately.

Planting the peach in the open ground

Peach seedlings can be planted both in spring and autumn. But if you plan to plant them this year, from the autumn planting should be avoided. Young peaches should be given time to take root thoroughly and adapted to open ground. You can wait with planting podrasti seedlings throughout the year at home as a houseplant. But you need a cool winter (+3 to 5 degrees).

The place for planting a peach should be spacious, well lit and protected from drafts and cold winds. Also, it should be light and fertile soil without stagnant water. If necessary, enrich it by introducing humus, compost, organic fertilizers.

In the first couple of years of young peach trees need special attention. Regularly loosen the soil around the stems, water them, to maintain moisture over mulch the soil. In the winter be sure to wrap the wood heater (well suited burlap). To protect the roots, around the trunk, pour a thick layer of fallen leaves, sawdust, pine spruce branches.

Peach, grown from seeds, will bear fruit in three to four years. And this is the tree fully adapted to the conditions of your area.

How to grow peaches from seeds? Photo care instructions

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