How to fertilise apple trees in late summer?

How to fertilise apple trees in late summer?

The age of fruiting annually take a large amount of nutrients from the soil, their yields did not fall, apples and other fruit crops it is necessary to feed. How to fertilise apple trees and other horticultural crops is possible with organic fertilizers and mineral.Organic matter – humus, the infusion of mullein, chicken manure or grass are often used for feeding in spring and early summer. In late summer or early fall the tree it is better to feed fertilizers.

How to fertilise apple trees in late summer? Photo care instructions

Good organic matter enriches the soil with nitrogen and improves its quality and composition. Fertilizers are used to deliver plant specific substance. In late summer, nitrogen fertilizers should not be given the apple. In this time of need phosphorus and potassium. To the young shoots well matured, the tree laid a lot of flower buds for next year.

Minus of mineral fertilizers is that they adversely affect the status of soil acidification. In addition to the tree fertiliser have to pay over a large area. Tree trunks, where they are soaking up nutrients from the roots. Starting from 50 cm. from trunk and up to 2-3 meters depending on the age of the tree. Not cover the fertiliser close to the trunk.

Order apple received food fertiliser should be filled with soil to a depth of 15-25 cm. Where they will be available to the tree roots, not the plants on the surface.

This is the easiest way of fertilising the tree.

All work will take about 5 minutes. That is to say, You’ll need a shovel, fertiliser, measuring spoon and a bucket of water.

1. At a distance of 1-2 meters from the trunk stick a shovel to the depth towards the centre of the circle, will narrow the gap.

Therefore, for the young apple trees distance from the stem to the hole may be about one meter, adult apple trees from 1.5 to 2 meters.

2. For example, in the resulting deep hole, pour 1-2 tablespoons of fertiliser. What fertiliser to use and how read below.

3. In dry weather the hole with fertiliser you need to shed and then seal them with earth.

4.  In other words, all around the tree on the perimeter of the crown have to do with a shovel 8-10 holes. Cover them in fertiliser.

How to fertilise apple trees in late summer? Photo care instructions

The application rate of fertiliser for an apple tree depends on its age and strength.

For the young apple-trees quite 70-100 gr. autumn complex fertiliser or half-and-half mix potassium sulfate and superphosphate. If we assume a hundred per tablespoon 15 gr. mineral fertilizers, the 10 holes you need to fill up about half a spoonful of fertiliser.

However, the adult tree gives an abundant harvest of apples is not the first year need to make about 200 gr. autumn complex fertiliser. To do this, in each well go to sleep for one and a half tablespoons of fertiliser. How to fertilise apple trees? Now you know how!