How To Care For Aloe Plant

How To Care For Aloe Plant

Aloe needs special care.

By growing aloe at home, you will not only fill the space with a beautiful succulent, but you will also be able to experience the healing properties of this plant.

One of the most popular plants in folk medicine is aloe. Many types of succulents do have medicinal properties, and this explains its advantage over other plants. Despite the fact that there are about 300 plant species in nature, only a few types of aloe can be grown at home — agave, aloe vera, spinous aloe and variegated. The flower requires due care. Before transplanting a plant into a pot, you need to figure out how to care for aloe at home.

Preparing conditions for favorable growth

Best of all, aloe will take root on the windowsill on the south or east side. This is important, since a succulent in good light will feel most comfortable. However, it is better to ensure that direct sunlight does not fall on the plant, otherwise aloe can get leaf burn.

Having chosen the right place, you need to figure out how large the pot will provide the best conditions for the growth of aloe. Calculating the diameter is quite simple: the length of the sheet and the diameter of the pot are equal to a ratio of 2: 1, while the depth of the pot should be small.

It is better to purchase a special soil for plant transplantation — for succulents. Pay attention to the composition of the soil, it should not contain peat.

We transplant aloe

  • Pour a little earthen pillow into the selected pot.
  • Carefully place the aloe in the container and add the earth on the sides.
  • Put the plant in the shade for about seven days.
  • Start watering the plant five days after transplanting.
  • Then transfer the aloe to a windowsill or other lighted place.

Features of care

  • Aloe should be watered infrequently, otherwise the roots of the plant will start to rot. However, in summer the plant needs to be watered abundantly.
  • Water the succulent with warm water only.
  • Remember that aloe does not need frequent watering in winter. At this time of the year, the plant should be moved to a cool room with a temperature of 14 degrees.
  • Leave aloe only in a lit place.
  • «Feed» the plant from spring to autumn, no more than once a month.
  • Don’t forget to ventilate the room.
  • Trim dead and diseased leaves in the fall.
  • Make sure that pests do not start on the plant — spider mites and scale insects. If suddenly such a disaster overtook aloe, it is necessary to spray the plant with a solution of laundry soap or a weak solution of vinegar.