From the seedling to the harvest: Tomatoes

Comprehensive care of vegetable cultures implies not only choosing the best varieties, but also caring for the soil that will nourish plants. All want to grow organic products. There is a way – cheap drugs brand "Force of life" based on natural mineral leonardite. It contains most of the humic acids, which feed on plants. So the synthesis of vitamins and amino acids is more active than with conventional fertilizers.

From the seedling to the harvest: Tomatoes

The choice of soil and its improvement

The more humus in the soil, so it is more nutritious for plants. Especially those that tie fruit – tomatoes, potatoes, cucumbers, zucchini. Agriculture depletes the soil, so to restore it is necessary every year.

Before you plant any plant, be it vegetable or rose, it is recommended to add to the soil the following medications:

  • Soil Improver Reasil. Black-brown powder, contributes to the rapid resuscitation of the exhausted soil. The percentage of humic extract to 95%.
  • Concentrated organic liquid vermicompost with micronutrients for growing vegetables and root crops.
  • Florist Micro solution of trace elements which is suitable for all plants.

All drugs with a high content of humic and fulvic acids. And also there are trace elements necessary for metabolism in plant tissues.

The needs of the seedlings

Which will develop the seedlings will depend on the immune system of the adult plant and harvest. Below, the seedlings were strong, they should be planted in fertile soil. It is important initially to give the organic food crops with the complex of macro-and micronutrients.

For fertilizing seedlings suitable drug brand Life Force "Vermicompost for house plants and seedlings" in liquid form. The benefits of the use of the drug:

  • All seeds germinate if they have not been damaged previously;
  • Seedlings can tolerate subsequent picks and transplanting in the open ground;
  • Ovaries do not fall;
  • The fruits ripen evenly.

To support seedlings is recommended to water with a solution prepared from 5 ml of biohumus and a liter of water. At the stage of planting seeds to transplant into the ground is enough to have two root watering and leaf spraying one.

Root vegetables – beets, carrots, potatoes – also in need of feeding at the stage of seed germination. The same solution can be used for soaking planting material, and then for irrigation. It gives a stimulus to growth, since the composition contains not only humic components, but nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus.

Not superfluous would be to use the Micro Florist. Strengthens the immune system of the plants and nourishes them with minerals.

Transplant into the ground

Before planting in the soil it is reduced by Reasil soil conditioner for organic farming. Average acres of land must be paid:

  • For roots from 0.5 to 1.5 kg;
  • For the vegetables 1 to 3 kg.

The average quantity is 2 kg. How much to take powder – more or less – depends on the degree of exhaustion of the soil. If the last time the organic matter were made over 3 years ago, you can safely take the maximum number.

After transplanting into the soil it is watered with the preparation of the Micro Florist or liquid organic drug Vermicompost for vegetables and tomatoes.

From the seedling to the harvest: Tomatoes

Feeding in the period of fruit ripening

The period of fruit ripening is particularly important for the harvest, since the lack of any power supply components of the culture shed of the ovary. So the plant saves power. To avoid this, it is recommended that watering and treatment of the leaf with tomatoes, cucumbers, potatoes, melons and gourds. The leaf plate is also effective to absorb useful minerals as it makes the root system.

Good results shows the use of a special composition of Vermicompost for fruits and berries, of Humus for potatoes and root crops. The dose rate for the root fertilizing – 5 ml per 1 liter of water for leaf – 5 ml / 4 liters of water. These drugs significantly improve the taste quality of the fruit, hasten ripening and increase productivity.

In the ripening period of the fruit can hold 2 one watering and spraying with an interval of 7 – 10 days. Processing is permitted until the time of harvest, as the preparations are absolutely harmless to humans, even if they just eat with a spoon. Some gardeners especially sprayed products drugs the Force of Life, so that she was kept longer in the cellar.

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