Fertilising pepper seedlings after the pick at home


Throughout the growing period of vegetable crops will experience a shortage of nutrients, even if planting was carried out in enriched fertilizer substrate. It is especially dangerous «starvation» immature sprouts and young seedlings. The secret to strong seedlings, which is obtained thanks to high-quality feeding. What to feed seedlings of pepper after picking folk remedies will be described in detail in this article.

Fertilising pepper seedlings after the pick at home

The mode of fertilizing seedlings

The soil for growing crops must always contain the necessary nutrients in the required amount, but in some periods of the growing season of the plant needs change, increase. It is particularly important fertilizer on tomato and pepper at:


  • the formation of 2-4 real leaves;
  • budding;
  • the formation of the ovary;
  • the ripening of fruits.


To accelerate growth of seedlings and preparation for transplanting it can be applied not once, but several – after the first germs, in front of sparring and landing in the ground. Perhaps more nutrient mixtures if the seedlings show signs of malnutrition. Often the practice of regular fertilizer every 10-15 days with alternation of different mineral complexes.

What needs pepper?

The main trace elements needed by the tomatoes and pepper are Potassium. The element necessary for the development of the root system, in case of its deficiency, the plants will die. Phosphorus. Support the seedlings during flowering, fruiting. If phosphorus is lacking, the ovary withers and falls off, and a full crop is not expected. Nitrogen. Is an active participant in the process of photosynthesis, helps young seedlings actively build up strong green mass.

When pepper needs a dressing?

An experienced gardener knows exactly when the plants begin to need additional feeding. It is easy to determine in appearance to the seedlings. Suspect nutrient deficiency by the following characteristic features:


  • The lower leaves of the peppers became too bright. This symptom says about the lack of nitrogen.
  • The appearance of bright leaves at the top. Indicates the absence of the necessary quantity of iron.
  • Painful withering of the leaves. A sign tells about the copper deficiency.
  • The appearance of the veins on the leaves purple. The symptom indicates a shortage of phosphorus.


In order to locate the problem, just need more closely to examine the seedlings. If you have any of these symptoms, you need to start to take action. Peppers began to once again feel good should be feeding exactly the substance, which it is severely lacking.

Fertilising pepper seedlings after the pick at home

Fertilizing pepper seedlings after the pick in the home folk remedies


  • One good option would be a yeast, they contain phosphorus and nitrogen. You can use dry yeast and fresh.


If you have dry yeast, it must be in two-gallon bucket of warm water to dissolve 15 grams of sugar and 10 grams of yeast, leave for a few hours to infuse. The resulting dressing should be mixed with water in a ratio of 1 to 5.

If you take «live» yeast, then in 10 litres of warm water should dissolve 100 g of yeast and leave them for a day in a warm place. In the resulting solution need to make wood ash.


  • Coffee lovers are often left a large number of the spent grounds. It can be used not only as substrate for mushroom cultivation, but also as a power source for seedlings. In addition to the main action grounds are well loosens the soil and improves the access of oxygen to the plant roots. In order to improve the structure of soil, just enough to make it some coffee grounds.
  • Another type of «people» feeding is onion peel. It (20 g), pour water (5 litres) and left for 3-4 days. Then water can be used for watering seedlings. It will not only fill the soil with nutrients, but also can decontaminate it.


What does pepper dressing with iodine


  • Speeds up growth (Since the nitrogen is better absorbed by the plant, responsible leaves and stems are better developed),
  • Protects seedlings from diseases and pests,
  • Increases immunity,
  • Increasing crop yield.


Iodine is one of the many trace elements contained in the soil. This is important for plant trace element is very often added to many chemical fertilizers. However, I directly contribute iodine as fertilizing seedlings. Because the soil mix in which grows the pepper, may be not the grip of iodine.

To prepare the dressing for the pepper seedlings at home is quite simple. This requires iodine, it usually is in every home first-aid kit, and high-quality water.

So, in three litres of water dilute 1 drop of iodine and mix well. Ready solution is poured into a spray bottle and spray the leaves of pepper seedlings and spray the soil. Fertilizer insertion in the morning or evening.

Fertilizing pepper seedlings banana peel

In a banana peel (like the bananas) contain large amounts of potassium. Therefore, many vacationers do not hurry to throw away the skins, and use them as homemade fertilizer. Someone dry a banana peel at the battery, then grinds it into powder, adds to the soil when planting and forget about potassium fertilizing. Someone insists the skins of bananas in the water (peel 2-3 bananas for three-liter jar of water, leave for three days, then strain), and then pour the obtained infusion plants.

Fertilising pepper seedlings after the pick at home

Fertilizer from banana peels can be useful not only for the peppers and tomatoes, but also eggplants, roses, ferns, and cyclamens, and begonias, violets and the other home colors. The latter are usually fed at the stage of buds formation to provide a lush and long flowering.

Fresh banana peels is recommended to add at the bottom of the pots when swordplay seedlings of tomatoes. Pre-need to be cut. For the Mature seedlings of tomato and pepper planted in the garden, and for cucumbers it is helpful to gently heel the skin near the root system of plants.

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