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Features and rules of picking pepper seedlings. Photo care instructions

Many growers are grown on their plots bell pepper, and most of them get it from their seedlings. One of the stages of its cultivation is swordplay, but this culture carries this process is not as good as, for example, tomatoes. Learn how to properly hold the pick is pepper, the plants continued their growth and development right.

Be sure to pick peppers

In General, to pick pepper seedlings or not depends on where you planted the seeds: in joint boxes or at once in individual pots. If an individual capacity the statutory amount (not less than 200 ml), the pick is not needed – the plants will develop normally from germination to the moment of landing in the garden. If in a common container, then the pick can not be avoided, as the plants will lack nutrients and sunlight for optimum development.

Features and rules of picking pepper seedlings. Photo care instructions

The advantages and disadvantages of the procedure

Swordplay is transplanting small seedlings in containers which are larger. It is held in order to increase the area of plant nutrition. The roots of the transplanted specimens begin to grow faster, branches, plants received nutrients in the new soil more. They have formed powerful roots and tough stems. After transplanting to the beds they quickly take roots, and later grow better and bear fruit, that is, the yield also increases. Dive seedlings allows you to remove weaker plants and select only the healthy and strong.

Without picks left to grow in a common container, the peppers will soon begin to interfere with each other, their roots will intertwine. After planting, the soil these plants ache.

The advantage of picking is the fact that if pepper seeds are sown initially considering the fact that it will be, they can sow in one box. This gives you the opportunity to save soil and the area on the windowsill where there will be seedlings.

The disadvantages of this method too. For example, after picking the pepper is spending time in the formation of new roots, its development is suspended, which ultimately affects the timing of fruit ripening. New ground in which to move the plants may be infected, it can be bacteria or fungi spores which transplanted plants can get sick.

When it's time to dive seedlings of pepper

It is believed that swoop down after pepper seedlings need at the time when he will have 2 or 3 true leaves. This occurs when the seedling is performed approximately 2-3 weeks. Up to this point the pepper should not to dive – he's too small and transplantation may die or, at best, his development is delayed. After the formation of 4-6 leaves, to dive is also not recommended, as the roots of the plants are already quite large, twisted together.

When to sow the seeds for seedlings, depending on variety, but, for example, when sowing in February, an auspicious day for picking peppers come in March. At this time, they badly need sunlight, begin to compete for it and stretch. Swordplay will help stop this unwanted process.

What you need to pick

Features and rules of picking pepper seedlings. Photo care instructions

Before starting work on the pick pepper at home, it is necessary to prepare all necessary. You will need:


  • the seedlings you want to transplant.
  • the new packaging (cups or pots) with a volume of 200-250 ml, in their bottoms should be holes to drain excess fluid;
  • substrate;
  • peg to hook the seedlings or a regular spoon;
  • warm clean water for irrigation.


The substrate is better to take generic intended for the cultivation of vegetable seedlings, but you can also make it with your hands from the following mixture: turf ground, humus and high-quality washed coarse sand (1:3:0,5). Add 0.5 l jar of ash per 10 liters of soil. Mix them shed weight 1% hot solution of potassium permanganate and then a solution of fitosporin.

If picking peppers used reusable cups or pots, them before applying wash from land and disinfect – leave in the solution of potassium permanganate at 0.5 h or scald with boiling water, if they are thick-walled.

The rules and the scheme picks: the step by step instructions

Pick sweet and bitter pepper is performed the same way. The process itself is not difficult, but still should be run according to the rules. For example, to correctly raspikirovat seedlings of pepper, you must:

  1. Pour in the tank the substrate is about 2/3 of their volume.
  2. A little to condense it, make a well and pour water.
  3. Carefully remove the pre-watered peppers from the box, taking care not to damage the roots with a soil mix for them. To break off the main root is not necessary. If seedlings a lot, then you should first raspikirovat the best plants, and the rest later.
  4. Place the plant in a Cup. Press on the peppers with the pick is not required, can be planted at the same depth at which they grew before. But if the seedlings are stretched, we recommend her to bury (no deeper than 1-1,5 cm Below and press do not need the extra pepper roots are not growing, besides being in the ground the stem can rot).
  5. If you swordplay in a common container, the plants are placed according to the scheme 8 8 see
  6. Sprinkle a small amount of soil and a little to condense around the stalk.
  7. Make watering with warm water.
  8. All the glasses after the pick should be placed on a pallet and put it where the seedlings will continue to grow.


Dive seedlings may not be as smooth as we would like. To avoid any difficulties with the extraction of plants from the soil, you must water them for 3-4 hours to wait, so they're easier to be removed from the earth.

How to care for seedlings raspolirovki

After pricking the seedlings of peppers, stand in a warm place, better, there, where she stood before, in order not to violate the microclimate, but for the first 2-3 days it pritenyayut from the sun.

Watering is carried out regularly, but in small portions and only when the soil dries. Use only warm water, separated from the chlorine. Convenient to water the seedlings with a spoon or small leechki.

Fed first time pepper after 2 weeks of picks. Use of complex fertilizer, yeast decoction or infusion of the ash. You can use this solution: 1 l of water dissolve 4 g of superphosphate, 1 g of ammonium nitrate and 3 g of potassium sulphate. 1 pepper need to spend 50-100 ml of liquid. The second feeding is carried out at intervals of 1.5-2 weeks. Special attention should be paid to feeding compositions for peppers did not contain a lot of nitrogen – it begins to grow green mass and plants very soon outgrow.

Features and rules of picking pepper seedlings. Photo care instructions

In the care of pepper seedlings after the pick is also included to maintain the desired temperature and humidity. The first few days it should be between 20-22°C during daytime hours, but not less than 15°C at night. Then raise it a bit by 3-5°C both day and night.

Possible problems after the procedure

Sometimes you can find complaints from growers that the peppers do not grow after the pick. This happens if the plant roots are injured and they're trying to grow them again. They wither the leaves, but the reason is not that they lack water, and that ragged roots can't absorb it. So water the seedlings to excess is not necessary. On the contrary, in the period of adaptation they need more in the air, not moisture.

If growth is absent for more than 2 weeks, it is likely because the peppers require fertilizing. They are watered with a solution of growth factors or specific drugs with the same effect.

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