Diseases of zamioculcas

Diseases of zamioculcas

Despite its exoticism, zamioculcas, it is very well stuck at home. The plant is extremely undemanding — it is not sensitive to dry air and it feels like in the sun and in partial shade. The temperature regime is also our latitude is 10°C to 30°C and even higher, the plant is like, in addition, zamioculcas does not require regular watering. It easily survives in the drying of the soil. Lets speak of Diseases of zamioculcas

And yet, no matter how unpretentious was the dollar tree, its development will be the complete, the closer will the conditions of detention to the usual plant – natural.

In the apartment, it would be better to place the pot on the window sill, facing South. The lack of light, the tree will easily survive, however, such conditions lead to the degeneration of its leaves and the loss of decorative qualities. In warm time of the year is often desirable to make the plant on the balcony under the sun, and in summer, it can contain even outdoors.

Diseases of zamioculcas


The quality of the soil, dollar tree makes no demands, from the point of view of its nutritional value, but it should not be heavy clay. The plant, negatively responds to the stagnation of water, so it should be planted in light, loose soils, based on sand. Well suited ready mix from the store for the cactus. To improve drain excess moisture, it is desirable to arrange in the pot the drainage layer is poured on the bottom layer of expanded clay, pebbles or dropout middle fraction.

As for nutrients, the plant normally grows in quite poor soil, but if you occasionally feed it, it will only benefit him. However, it should be done only during the active growing season and very carefully. Good fertilizer for cacti that need to be in small portions and not more often than once a month. In the dormant period, make feeding impossible, or the tree for the next season will be exhausted and will be sore. Watering at this time also need to reduce to a bare minimum.

Transplant zamioculcas

Transplant zamioculcas need only when you need to replace the pot more – when the plant becomes crowded, more precisely its root system. That the plant is well engrafted after transplantation, it shall not be necessary to completely bury, the surface must be open.

Briefly summarized, for the normal development of zamioculcas need a lot of bright natural light, heat and limited watering, especially in winter. During this period, it poured no more than a couple times a month, otherwise, the probability of infecting its various putrid infections and pests-most often aphids.

Consider a number of issues that are often encountered in the keeping and breeding of zamioculcas in the home.

Slow and defective development

If the plant begins to lose weight and stretch, the foliage fades and reduces the number of slices in the underbrush, most likely, the reason is insufficient light. You need to review the conditions of detention and put the pot closer to the sun, and if you cannot, is to illuminate the tree artificially. Need to buy a special bulb for the plants, which emits a spectrum as close as possible to the sun. Regular household bulb does not give effect – they do not fit. Diseases of zamioculcas

Diseases of zamioculcas

Zamioculcas in General and so are not characterized by rapid growth, and if he slows down even more, look for the cause of lack of space for the roots – perhaps you need to transplant the plant into a larger pot. Another reason for this behavior – the lack of micronutrients. Try to make complex compositions with potassium, magnesium and nitrogen. Particularly acute is the tree reacts to the lack of nitrogen.

Spots on leaves

In the case where the sheets of dollar tree occur dark spots, it shows the problems related to violation of temperature and excess moisture.

To eliminate stains, it is necessary to raise the temperature of the contents and to take measures to protect plants from cold drafts. They also often cause spots on the leaves. Watering is necessary to sharply restrict, to check the reliability of the drainage and if there are problems, fix them – best to transplant zamioculcas in a pot with the new soil. Over time, dark spots disappear.

Diseases of zamioculcas

Sometimes, the cause of dark spots on the leaves and even the stem can be pests, especially scale insects. For treatment, they need to carefully assemble, then, treat the plant with fungicide solution.

Another cause of spots – sunburn. Despite the love to bright light, exposure to the scorching rays after spraying is unacceptable. Drops of water remaining on the leaves, as the lens increase the light and can cause burns and stains.

Stalk rot

Stalk rot of Zamioculcas indicates a serious disease, because often, while it develops root rot. The main reason – excessive watering and low temperature combined with the improperly prepared soil. If the soil is heavy clay, it in the cold is unable to drain even a limited amount of water, and this leads to its stagnation and as a consequence rot in the plant.

In such a situation, the first thing you need to normalize external conditions, temperature and watering, and then have to remove the plant from the pot and treat. All parts treated with a fungicide solution and planted in a new pot or disinfect old ones. The old earth will have to throw it away and replace with new.

Diseases of zamioculcas

In the case where dollar tree is unsalvageable, its tubers are severely infected, have him disposed of, but from the top you can grow a new plant by rooting parts of the leaves. Diseases of zamioculcas

Leaf drying

With rare exceptions, this process is quite natural – first the lower die flower leaves, then they turn yellow and fall off from the trunk. If it happens, the abscission of young, emerging leaves, looking for a reason in violation of the rules of care. They are typical – low temperature, drafts and stagnant water in the flowerpot.

Diseases of zamioculcas

The abscission of young leaves – alarming bell. To not developed the disease, the plant it is better to transplant to a new pot until the rot he was not killed.

The appearance of spots on the trunk of the plant

Most often, this is normal, due to the peculiarity of the flower. If the trunk have blemishes and even the dark stripes, but there are no signs of putrefaction and the traces of the pests to survive no reason. It is not a disease – that is decorative personality to your dollar tree.

Diseases of zamioculcas

Pests, disease-causing

This plant has a fairly thick protective coating that covers the leaves and stems, so its damage by pests occurs primarily by the weakening, which in turn is the cause of improper care.

Spider mite.

This pest likes dry warm air, so the contents of the flower weakened in such circumstances provoke its appearance. On the plant there is a thin gossamer white, mostly in the interstitial spaces and, if you do not take timely measures, the leaves become limp, turn yellow and soon fall off.

Fight mites by wiping the plants with a sponge dipped in soapy water, then spray it on the tobacco extract and, after 30 minutes wash it with lukewarm water.

They are good and ready means, for example, articles, akarin and any other group of insecticides.

Diseases of zamioculcas

Scale. When infected by scale insects, over time, dark spots appear on all parts of the plant. Scale insects reproduce very quickly, so we need to fight them immediately after their detection. Methods of struggle are the same as with spider mites.


If you frequently make the plant outdoors, possibly infecting these insects. On the leaves, clearly visible black comaschi that lead to disease — twisting, and blanching the leaves. If no action is taken, the foliage turns yellow and a reset.

For the destruction of aphids, apply the prepared compounds against garden insects, for example – fitoverm, intavir or actellic.


These pests, like spider mites prefer dry air. Breeding mainly on leaves, they feed on their juices, leaving a sticky cotton-like droplets of secretions that impede the access of air. This leads to disruption of growth and deformation of the leaves – they turn yellow and fall off, and the tree weakens and it appears other pests – black fungus and other stuff. If you do not spend a timely treatment, the plant is guaranteed to die.

Insects, because of their large size, clearly visible to the naked eye, so at first appearance, they should be washed in soapy water, but if the process has gone far, is to use a special chemical insecticides. Diseases of zamioculcas

Care tips

After even a minor treatment with insecticides is necessary to protect the soil, covering it with foil. The next day, when washing off the chemicals with water, you should protect the plant from getting root again to cover the ground.

And at the end, repeat – flower zamioculcas, extremely resistant to pests and infections when he is healthy. It is sufficient to provide the plant normal water drainage, proper temperature and light regimes, to take in the summer for fresh air and it will thank in their beauty and health.


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