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Cucumber seedlings: from seed to greenhouses

Seedlings of cucumbers: from sowing to replicahere is grown by sowing seeds directly into the soil or planting seedlings.

To produce a crop in the early stages of a more efficient propagation method. However, when the seed is formed in a higher yield.Seedlings were grown in plastic, peat or paper cups filled with fertile, friable soil. The seeds are preferably pre-sprout on moist paper towel in a saucer. Expanding the required number of seeds on a saucer, put it in a warm place. After 2 - 3 days the seeds begin to germinate. Neklinovskiy sow seeds one at a time into each Cup to a depth of 1.5-2 cm.

While maintaining a temperature of 20-22°C shoots appear after a few days, and they are transferred in the most well lit place - windowsill, closer to the glass, lowering their temperature for a few days to 16-18°C. To reduce the occupied area of seedlings, seeds are sown in small, 4-5 cm in diameter, paper, cell without a bottom. They plants grow to full deployment of the cotyledons and the beginning of the emergence of the first true leaf.

Cucumber seedlings: from seed to greenhouses

Then the seedlings are transplanted together with its pot in a larger bowl, plunging into the ground almost to the leaf base.The mode of cultivation must be designed to ensure that low-growing plant with a thick stem and spaced internodes. This seedling develops a strong root system. For this plant should be well illuminated during the day.

Optimal daytime temperatures on Sunny days is 20-22°C, overcast - 16-18°C to 2-3°C below.It is important that the plants for as long as possible under the direct rays of the sun. Water the seedlings sparingly.A few days before planting the plants subjected to mild annealing, lowering the first temperature to 4-5°C, and then introducing the seedlings in the afternoon on the balcony under the rays of the sun. First, leave it there for 2-4 hours, then half a day and finally for the whole day. The outside air temperature at this time should not be below 12-13°C. the time of the landing of the seedlings should be four or five true leaves. Cucumber seedlings: from seed to greenhouses

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Cucumber seedlings: from seed to greenhouses

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