Carrots — little secrets a rich harvest.

Carrots - little secrets a rich harvest

Carrots in August actively poured, the leaves have ceased to grow and with each passing day, the roots become thicker and sweeter. So that the carrots have grown large, smooth and as the selection is the same, follow a few simple rules:

1. Prodelyvat carrots several times, gradually increasing the distance between plants up to 5-7 cmin distress large roots you will not grow. To prodelyvat carrots in August, it's late, you need to do it the first time in June and second time in July. When pulling a grown carrots, will inevitably damage the roots of neighboring plants, using these sores can penetrate the infection in the root and it will start to rot or formed on the surface warty growths.

Carrots - little secrets a rich harvest.

2. So that the carrots are not grown horned soil for the beds before sowing seeds need to dig on a bayonet of a shovel, carefully breaking all the lumps and choosing the stones, as if the growing root of the carrot touches the obstacle, it starts to diverge and adopt an ugly shape.

3. So that the carrots are not grown bearded with numerous small roots on the land intended for the cultivation of carrots, you can't add fresh manure or compost, just compost 2-3 years of aging.

4. Another carrot does not like acidic soil reaction, therefore, when digging the ground instead of fertilizer is better to make wood ash or dolomite flour.

5. Sow carrots is better long rows along the beds, leaving between the rows a distance of 20-25 cm Is necessary that the rows of carrots ventilated.

6. Should not be left in the beds with carrots fennel, and next to sow parsley, celery, as the smell of these plants attracts carrot fly.

7. Sow carrots in the next season have in the garden, where grew the onions, as the onion fly doesn't like carrots, and carrot fly does not eat onions.

8. Carrots love the sun, so beds for growing this vegetable should be located in an open Sunny position, with direction East - West.

9. Regularly to water the carrots, avoiding long drying of the soil is necessary only in the first half of summer, while growing tops. Closer to autumn watering gradually cut carrots, and two weeks before harvest stop at all. When excess moisture in the carrots to crack and poorly kept.

10. Digging carrots according to varietal characteristics. If you sow in early may, early carrots with maturity 80-90 days, then dig it is necessary not later than 90 days after germination, around the second half of August. With the overexposure of early carrots in the garden, its core is tough with a touch of bitterness and at the sides can grow new hairy roots.

Mid and late carrots with maturity of 100-120 days is mainly for storage. These varieties when sown in early may are dug usually in September after the first frost.



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