Caring for the vineyard in August

Caring for the vineyard in August


The grapes are rapidly gaining popularity among gardeners.
Grows well and bears fruit the grapes and in the Samara region, and in neighbouring areas.

To join the stubborn tribe of husbandmen, just need a little knowledge to start and the desire to engage in viticulture!

No claim to originality, but using the information from ancestors (in the truest sense of the word) knowledge, as well as own considerable experience, we have prepared tips for beginners for growing grapes.
Please do not take our advice as an absolute rule. Because each parcel has its own «flavor», their climatic and other features. Consider studying our tips.

Crop, remove side shoots and feeding of grapes in August

In the court of the first decade of August. In past years we already tasted the harvest of the earliest varieties of our grapes. And this is not a standard summer crop is delayed by almost a month. The grapes haven’t even begun to be painted.

Especially problematic in the summer it is important to pay in August increased attention to our vineyards. To carry out all necessary procedures: crop, remove side shoots and feeding. Otherwise, the vine is on the vines may not be able to prepare for the winter and freeze slightly in the extreme cold.

Caring for the vineyard in August

Photo: the grape vine in August; table grapes «Arch»

If you haven’t broke the top had grown over the summer shoots of grapes, now is the time to do it. Unlikely to do it with your hands, you will have to take up the shears.
We leave the height of the escape of grapes about 2 meters. It enough leaves to feed a good weighty bunch.

In the axils of the leaves (almost every leaf grapes) on the main escape is already grown stepchildren. We remove shoots completely, carefully broke them. When the stepson is small, it is fragile and easily broken off without damaging the main vine.
If you have already missed this point, and stepson greatly increased, it will again take up the shears.

The fruiting vines of grapes and remove the suckers, because they take away the Bush the nutrients needed for ripening.

Note that if a clump of grapes is still young, it leaves it so little. In this case, remove the plant shoots with leaves, of course, should not be!
So, on the contrary, the young vine shoots with leaves leave – they enable the root system of the plants to develop and flourish.

No less important to the vines in early August, and proper irrigation regime.
As soon as the grapes begin to color and soften, then watering the bushes need to stop.

At the time of maturity of the vineyard increases the consumption of phosphorus and potassium. These critical elements of supply vines must be present in August in sufficient quantity. Phosphorus and potassium make the skins of the grapes are elastic, allow the berries to burst after a heavy rain, as well as increase the amount of sugar in the berries!
So now, in August it is important to feed the vineyard, phosphorus and potassium.

To feed the vines in August, we use potassium monophosphate.
Added to the prepared solution of fertilizer is an excellent tool against disease and spider mite — Thiovit jet. It contains safe for our health sulfur.

No ready-made fertilizers at hand? Then take a normal wood ash, fill with water and spray your vineyard with her infusion.