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Buvardiya – evergreen, flowering plant, grass or low shrub of the family Rubiaceae. In the natural environment it grows in tropical and subtropical areas of Mexico and Central America. In Russia, bouvardia grown exclusively in the home or in greenhouses as potted plant.

General information

Buvardiya growing in nature, grows to 50 centimeters up to six meters. She stems slightly branched, erect, with whorled, opposite leaves are short. The sheet plates of the usual form, with a length of from 3 to 11 cm, with a smooth, leathery surface.


Buvardiya home, pink.

Flowering bouvardia lasts several months, from June to October, in some cases, and continues during the winter. Inflorescence similar to bouquets, and up to 15 cm in diameter, grow on the tips of annual shoots. The flowers are tubular shaped, with four petals.

At home grow several types of bouvardia:

Buvardiya home, pink. It reaches 70 cm in height, has dark-green, ovate leaves with a length of about 5 centimeters. The flowers are pink or crimson, depending on variety. The breeders brought the double varieties of this species.

Buvardiya yellow – high, 1 meter plant, with lanceolate leaves and yellow flowers.

Buvardiya gonococcemia – a plant of the same height as bouvardia yellow, but he leaves ovate-acuminate, and the flowers are white and fragrant.


Buvardiya gonococcemia.

Buvardiya Jasmine is a low growing, dwarf plant not exceeding 60 cm in height. Flowers in her white, fragrant, with the scent of Jasmine. This species is distinguished by the fact that it blooms in winter.


Buvardiya – plant care gives gardeners a lot of trouble, this unpretentious plant, with which there are no big difficulties. But to comply with some conditions it is still necessary.

Buvardiya grows well and blooms in bright, diffused light – it should not be put under direct sunlight, but it is necessary to provide a high level of lighting.

The best temperature for bouvardia – in the range of 20-25 degrees. If buvardiya not bloom in the winter, she creates a period of rest, reducing the temperature to 10-12 degrees. Below – is impossible, the leaves will freeze and begin to crumble. At home at this time, the pot of flowers is better to put on the windowsill with a North or Western side, where not too much light and heat.

Watering of bouvardia growing in the home, should be moderate, watered flower too profusely, in line with the condition of the soil if it is dry to a depth of 2-3 cm and irrigation is necessary. Of excess moisture the roots and stems will begin to rot and the flower will die.


Buvardiya not capricious plant.

Another characteristic that determines whether the flower new portion of water status of the leaves. If they become lethargic – watering is necessary, if not – the plant is not watered.

Bouvardia watered with water at room temperature and free from chlorine and other harmful impurities. At home for treatment of water intended for watering the flower, you can use a household filter.

Buvardiya does not need high humidity, but from time to time it is necessary to rinse under the shower to wash away the dust which is visible on the leaves.

Shoots on the stems of bouvardia the first year of life regularly pinch out, and then cut them in half in the spring and fall before the growing season. Such measures will allow to give the Bush the required size, more voluptuous shape and abundant flowering.

Ground for bouvardia should be light, with good air and moisture permeability. It can be purchased at a specialty store, or make your own from peat, soil and sand with the addition of perlite or vermiculite.

Fed bouvardia mineral fertilizers during the growth once in 15 days. for this suitable fertilizer for flowering plants. Winter feeding do not.

Buvardiya is famous for its beautiful, lush blooms, but also in the nature and at home well it blooms only in the second year of life. Then flowering decreases, and after 3-4 years terminated at all. To get a flowering plant spring annuals should be transplanted the young shoots in pots of large size.

Propagation by cuttings is the fastest and most efficient method of propagation of bouvardia at home. For these purposes, suitable shoots with 2-3 internodes, if you put the cuttings in a glass of water, the roots appear quickly.

Another method of reproduction of bouvardia at home – the division of overgrown bushes, but it is not too efficient because it does not contributes to the renewal of the plant and stimulates its flowering.

Buvardiya resistant to many diseases and pests, but can get sick from stagnant water in the soil – the roots it will start to rot. To avoid this, drop the flower into the container with a high drainage layer.

Examine affected plants, cut healthy cuttings for further growth, damaged part discarded.

Another common disease of bouvardia – leaf chlorosis develops because of low-quality irrigation water. To cure plant it is fed chelate iron.

Aphids, which may attack the flower, is washed with water under the shower.



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