Bird of Paradise Plant Care

Strelitzia is also known as the bird of paradise. For this, a large plant is enough, the pot for planting should be of the appropriate size.

Due attention should be paid to its height, as strelitzia requires deep planting in the soil layer.

Bird of Paradise Plant Care

Strelitzia home care

During the period of active growth, under the classical scheme of maintenance, for the summer period, watering should be fairly regular and plentiful with top dressing every ten days, but for the future laying of flower buds, a cool and dry dormant period of at least two and a half months is needed.

Thus, in winter, a well-lit and cool place with a temperature of about fourteen sixteen degrees is required. Watering should be limited to a minimum, it is enough to moisten an earthen lump every ten to fifteen days, thus preventing complete drying.

Fertilizers must be completely eliminated. And at the same time, dense waxy leaves of strelitzia tolerate dry air quite well, but at the same time they require regular spraying.

Indoor strelitzia is a plastic plant and can grow even in a dark corner, but it will refuse to bloom there. Therefore, it needs to find a place on a well-lit windowsill. If possible, in the summer, strelitzia should be put on a balcony or loggia, and the best option would be to put it in the garden. Shade it only in the midday hours.

Subject to these rules, within a period of three to four years, it will be possible to enjoy the diamond of the floristic world. In the spring, usually April May, the strelitzia plant will throw out powerful flower stalks about a meter long. Which on young bushes appears from one to three, and already on mature bushes there can be about fifteen to twenty.

The flowers are somewhat reminiscent of butterflies, spreading their wings at birth from a cocoon, which alternately emerge from a green cover-blanket with a bright red edging, spreading their bright petals. The entire flowering period lasts more than a month.

Strelitzia royal has the dignity of blooming all year round, even in winter. To do this, it is necessary to provide the plant with a dormant period, five to six months before the desired flowering date.

And if at the height of the summer period you find a room with a temperature of fourteen sixteen degrees, then on the New Year’s table you can demonstrate an exquisite flower arrangement.

Bird of Paradise Plant Care

Strelitzia soil

We prepare a nutrient soil mixture of the following composition: two parts of leaf humus, one part of soddy soil and one part of sand. Be sure to lay a drainage layer on the bottom of the pot. Strelitzia flower is a slow growing plant and does not require frequent transplants, especially in adulthood.

When growing strelitzia at home as an ornamental leafy plant, there will be practically no problems. But if you decide to grow a flowering specimen, then you will have to make a lot of effort.

Bird of Paradise Plant Care

Royal strelitzia reproduction by dividing the bush

Reproduction can be carried out by transplanting mature bushes by dividing them, either in early spring at the end of the dormant period, or after the flowering period. We carry out this procedure carefully, due to the fragility of the strelitzia roots.

Divisions with at least two or three points of growth, and if there are too small ones, they will have to be grown for too long. Sections before transplanting should be slightly dried for half an hour and sprinkled with charcoal.

In the period of fifteen to twenty days after dividing the strelitzia bush, watering should be limited. It is also possible to use the resulting lateral processes for reproduction.

Bird of Paradise Plant Care

Strelitzia bird of paradise growing from seed

To obtain their seeds, during the flowering of strelitzia, artificial pollination is carried out. They also buy seeds in the store, but the germination of the plant will be low, since the seeds quickly lose their sowing properties.

Seeds should be sown in bowls and then covered with glass and put in a bright place. Freshly harvested seeds at a temperature of twenty-four twenty-six degrees germinate in a month and a half.

Grown seedlings need to dive into a separate bowl. Young strelitzia require repotting annually, and with good care of the plant, after a few years, about four to five, they will bloom.