Autumn pruning of fruit trees and shrubs in the fall with their hands

It is only at first glance it seems that haircuts are invented exclusively for humans. Trees and shrubs no less in need of this procedure, not only for the beauty but also health.

Beautiful and well maintained garden it is impossible to create without the proper trim. But to get the desired result, it is important to answer three main questions: what to cut? when? and why?

Autumn pruning of fruit trees and shrubs in the fall with their hands

This is what we will discuss today, because autumn is the best time for such topics.

The timing of pruning fruit trees and shrubs in the fall with their hands

It is worth noting the fact that the fall prune fruit trees only in the regions with moderate climatic conditions. In Northern areas this is not recommended. The plants will not have time to recover before the onset of cold weather, so the bark on the cut can freeze. This will lead to drying of the wood and subsequent death of the gardens.

Autumn pruning of fruit trees and shrubs in the fall with their hands

It is best to trim fruit trees in September or October. At this time, the movement of juices within the plant slows down. You should look to the lunar calendar, it is seen that if to carry out the procedure a few days before the new moon, the trees recovered much faster.

Why do we need pruning of fruit trees and shrubs in the fall

Pruning garden plants in autumn carry out one of two ways: by thinning or shortening. The purpose of this procedure is the following:

  • to protect the long branches from the excessive burden laid upon them of snow
  • to increase the fruitfulness of trees pruned in spring;
  • to obtain a rejuvenating effect, achieved by cutting of the old tree;
  • extend the life of the tree or Bush;
  • to improve the health of the plants, removing dried and dead twigs.

It is not necessary to prune the branches lightly. It is necessary to observe some rules, without which the positive effect is not achieved.

Pruning in the fall for beginners in pictures

Getting to tree pruning, it is important to focus not only how to choose the right tools and time, but also what is best to use the technology to remove excess vegetation. But it is the last paragraph from novice gardeners are most likely the problem. The pictures will help to better navigate what elements of the tree should be cut first and how to do it best.

Branches that require removal

We all know that first of all cut dry and diseased branches. Then, those that grow inside the crown or interfere with each other. Then you need to look at the angle between the branch and trunk.

The closer it is to zero (or 180 degrees if the branch is pointing down), the less these branches are predisposed to fruition.

Therefore, experienced gardeners tend to leave (or create such) the maximum number of branches that grow perpendicular to the trunk. After all, they formed the greatest part of the «PABSEC», which are the basis of future crops


In the case of improper growth of skeleton branches, trim them undesirable. It is best to stretch these branches with a rope and fix. After 2-3 weeks you can let them go and you can leave the tree in this condition until spring.

Features cut branches

It is important not only to determine the need for removal of branches, but cut them correctly. Use the following techniques:

Thin branches cut with garden shears and thick – use a saw. It is very important to leave the wood smoother cuts, and use the correct technique of cleaning of the branches. The error here is fraught with lower yields, the development of the disease, and even death of the tree as a whole.

It is also important to note that the greater the amount of vegetation cut, the stronger the tree acquires new shoots. So before you start pruning, you need to imagine how it should look in the future.

The secrets of autumn pruning of trees and shrubs

In fact, the field of activity offers very extensive, as nearly every garden needs a resident if not a haircut then at least minimal trimming. Some plants should be properly prepared for winter testing, others have to keep the «hair» to rescue from enemies (pests and pathogens), and others had to suffer from the machinations of elements in the vegetation period and they urgently require the intervention of «trauma».

Tip: start autumn pruning after leaf fall, when SAP flow stops and plants a period of rest. Well, to finish the process you need before the frost. Only in this case, the cut will not weaken the plants, but on the contrary, it will strengthen their immune system. And don’t be too zealous — crop should be gentle to your Pets has not received too much stress.

Wintering with trauma or thickened crown threat for plants, so the autumn first of all necessary sanitary pruning and thinning for all crops.

In the first case, trees and shrubs eliminates broken, fruitless and withered branches. Special attention should be given to the branches affected by pests and diseases. Such areas are especially noticeable after the trees parted with foliage.

Pruning inside the crown is often called thinning (cut branches that impede the access of light or cross and RUB against each other, damaging the bark). Extra you can call and shoots extending from the stem up at an acute angle. And don’t forget to ruthlessly cut tops — shoots that grow at the Central conductor and skeletal branches.

Another kind of autumn pruning can safely be called targeted, that is acceptable to a particular group of plants. And here, as usual, how many groups, so many intricacies of the process. Let us consider all possible options.

How to increase the yield in the fall

Autumn pruning of fruit trees and shrubs in the fall with their hands

Autumn pruning may be aimed at increasing the yield of the garden. To reach the goal, you must follow a few rules.

Horizontal branches bring forth more fruit, so the branches are located parallel to the ground, pruning is not necessary.

If you have branches that form the backbone of plants, grow properly, they need not be cut, and straightening. To do this, tie the branch to the rope and pull to the maximum possible angle.

Secure the rope to a peg in the ground and leave it for two weeks. The procedure should be repeated until then, until the branch will not accept the correct position.

These simple tips will help to increase the yield of the garden. Only the straightening of the branches is carried out slowly and carefully so the branch didn’t break. Otherwise, it will have to be cut down.

Treatment of old trees in the Urals

By conducting tree pruning in autumn in September, October or November, must be taken into account their age. For old specimens it is done once in 2-3 years. Why is it so rare? Because the kidneys of old trees cease to bear fruit. To do this:

  1. To carry out rejuvenating pruning, removing branches that are older than 4 years. While left branch thicker than the top.
  2. Remove shoots in the middle of the crown, curves, twisted, sick, dry and broken, the affected ringworm.

In addition, you need to take into account such nuances:

  • Pruning every year can be dangerous for Apple trees, pears, plums and cherries, because it leads to the «sinking» of trees on one level, their fruiting is greatly reduced after that.
  • On the other hand, through annual pruning fruit trees, you can reduce your exposure to germs and increase the level of disease resistance. This is opposed to circumcision, produced only once in several years.
  • Cut as many branches, how much it increased last season, but their number should not be more than a third of the total.
  • Trim the branch can obliquely above the kidneys, located outside. Oblique cut ensures good water run-off, and exposed the kidney will not affect the thickening of the crown. If it is highly dense, it is important to get rid of old branches on which there is less of the ovary and fruit. The growth of branches it is desirable to direct horizontally.
  • Delete the branch both old and new.

But dwarf trees severely cut is not necessary, as they are much slower growing. This is the reason that it is desirable to trim dwarf trees in a sparing mode. Such manipulation will allow to get with the old trees, more crops, to protect them from diseases and pests. These activities will help prepare the garden for winter.

How to prune trees or which way is more correct, everyone decides for himself, because it affects not only the productivity of trees, but the beauty of the garden.