Why the cucumbers leaves yellowing in the open ground?

Why the cucumbers leaves yellowing in the open ground?

Growing cucumbers can be associated with a number of problems. For example, in these plants at different periods of vegetation can turn yellow leaves. It is a sign of violation of their normal life and signal to the grower about it. Let's find out why can yellow the leaves of cucumbers, what to do in these cases and how to prevent such nuisance.

Why do cucumbers turn yellow leaf edges

Sometimes you may notice that the cucumber plants are slowing growth, the leaves change their color in a darker or lighter tone, and on their edges is formed a light yellow border. The reasons for the yellowing leaves of the cucumbers on the edges are:

Why the cucumbers leaves yellowing  in the open ground?

  1. Insufficient watering: as a result of moisture deficit in the soil and the air, and then in the plants, cucumber leaves wither, turn yellow, and this begins the disease process from the edges.
  2. The deficit of nutrition elements in soil: magnesium, manganese, iron, and especially potassium. So the lack of the last element is that shrinking of the leaf blade, becoming dark green, slightly convex, their edges yellow.
  3. The lack of lighting and heat.

What yellow median and upper leaves

Yellow leaves in cucumber is able to get all over the stem. If yellow leaf blades that are in the middle and upper part of the Bush, and with them the ovary, it can occur because:


  1. Plants do not have enough lighting or too dense planting. This often becomes a cause of color changes of the leaves. Self-development and good fruiting bushes need a certain area and the amount of solar energy. So you need to follow a proper scheme of landing, to form Mature plants and pick off the old spent leaves.
  2. The roots of the plants receive mechanical damage by careless weeding.
  3. The plants are watered incorrectly. Excess moisture contained in the ground, displaces the air out of it, then there is a violation of the oxidation of organic compounds and slows down the cycle of nutrients. This leads to disruption of photosynthesis and the appearance of spots of yellow color on the leaves of plants.
  4. Cucumbers cold. This heat-loving plants, during prolonged cool weather they do not have heat, so in the end, they turn yellow.
  5. Plants lacking minerals: macronutrients nitrogen and trace elements (copper, boron, iron).

If you have cucumber bushes leaves turn yellow and dry, then you need to take emergency measures to rescue them, otherwise you can stay at all without a crop.

Why were yellow, the lower leaves of cucumbers

The majority of the problems with the yellowing leaves of cucumbers affect their bottom part. This is because under adverse conditions they focus on supplying the nutrients their upper parts, where the ovaries and feed them leaves.

Why the cucumbers leaves yellowing  in the open ground?

The lower yellowing cucumber leaves may cause:

  1. The lack of lighting in the root zone. Any cucumber plants at the bottom covered with large leaf blades that prevent sun rays to penetrate to them. In this case, the yellowing of leaves growing at the bottom of the stem is a natural process: the plants themselves rid of those vegetative organs that they are no longer needed. It remains only to break them.
  2. The leaves produce chemical burns yellow dry spots after foliar feeding, if the concentration of the drug was exceeded.
  3. Hypothermia cucumbers. When the temperature first starts to turn yellow it lower leaves.
  4. The lack of nutrients, often phosphorus, potassium and magnesium.
  5. Illiterate watering is also a cause of this problem.
  6. Fungal disease, patios, Fusarium and other, primarily it affects the bottom leaves, and then apply to the others.
  7. On the leaves appear sunburn. It is the yellow spots that occur on leaf plates due to improper watering: if it is held in the hottest time of the day or if water droplets fall on the leaves and stems of cucumbers.
  8. Natural aging: the change in color of the lower leaf blades occurs closer to the end of the season.

What measures need to be taken if yellow lower leaves of cucumber plants depends on what exactly caused this phenomenon.

The causes of yellowing and twisting of leaves

Why the cucumbers leaves yellowing  in the open ground?

Cucumber leaves can not only become yellow, but curl at the same time. This can happen because:

  1. Of fungal diseases. For example, the incidence of disease can manifest itself in a discoloration of the plates, the formation of them small specks of yellow and twisting. The disease often appears in the spring, when there are sudden changes in day and night temperatures. The cause of this disease can also become a strong flooding of land, excess of nitrogen, lack of calcium.
  2. Pests that love to infest the cucumbers are spider mites and aphids. They settle on the lower planes of the leaf blades, feeding them with the juice, causing the plant are depleted. Gradually, the leaves on the cucumbers turn yellow, wither, crumble.
  3. Viral diseases. If all the needs for culture are met, feeding and preventive treatment of diseases held, but the yellowing and twisting still occurs, the reason for this may be viral illness, which treatment does not save.
  4. Low temperature and humidity. This combination of adverse conditions leads to the fact that the normal flow of the process of photosynthesis is broken, so the cucumbers can no longer absorb nutrients in full measure. Low humidity forces them to reduce the area of evaporation, so the leaf blade curl.
  5. Insufficient watering in extremely hot, dry days. This is one of the most frequent causes drying of the leaves of cucumbers in the greenhouse and in garden beds.
  6. Lack of nutrients, primarily nitrogen. The shortage of this important macronutrient responsible for growth of green mass, can also cause Curling, yellowing or blanching of the vegetative parts of plants.
  7. The burn may also form on the leaves if they touch the hot glass greenhouses.

Measures to address the simultaneous yellowing and twisting of leaves of the cucumber is uneven. They also depend on what was the cause of this "disease".

What if the yellow leaves of cucumber seedlings on the windowsill

The main reasons for yellowing cucumber seedlings are the same as in adults bushes. But there are also several specific points which are common to the emergence of the problem of young plants.

That's why yellow cucumber seedlings and what to do in this case:

  1. Small pots. Young plants can turn yellow from the fact that due to the small volume of soil for their root system enough room to develop normally. To cucumbers again turned green, they should be transplanted into bigger containers.
  2. High humidity, which can cause fungal diseases. The solution to this problem is regular ventilation of the room where the seedling.
  3. Incorrect (insufficient or excessive) watering, which are equally harmful for the growing seedlings. In this case, you need to adjust the frequency of watering so that the soil under the plants were always damp, but not wet and not dry.
  4. Scarce "food": without dressing, or failure to comply with the rules and doses of fertilizer application to seedlings may also turn yellow. To avoid this, it is necessary to fertilize 1 or 2 times complex mineral fertilizers. Organic is better not to use.
  5. The lack of light. This is a common cause of withdrawal and yellowing of seedlings. In order to keep it green, the plants need to dosvechivat morning and evening, applying for this fitolampy.

Only observing all the rules of growing plants, it is possible to obtain plants, the aerial part of which will have a healthy green color.

What if the yellow leaves of the cucumbers

If this attack as yellowing, smote cucumber plantings, you need as quickly as possible to help the plants. For this it is necessary to determine the cause and to do everything possible so they can restore its natural color.

In the greenhouse

If cucumbers grown in the greenhouse, turn yellow, then you need to provide them with comfortable conditions of growth. To do this:

Why the cucumbers leaves yellowing  in the open ground?

  1. To properly generate cucumber bushes, cut off unwanted leaves and shoots.
  2. Adhere to the irrigation regime. When the plants flower and fruit, they are watered on the average every 2-3 days. Under every Bush and poured 1 bucket of warm water (in any case not cold). If it is hot outside, then the frequency of watering increases, if cool and rainy – cut. To determine whether watering can, if you care to dig up the soil between two adjacent bushes: if it is not dried, the procedure is not carried out.
  3. Mulch the soil around the bushes, so she quickly does not dry up and not grow weeds.
  4. To maintain the temperature at an optimum level. Best cucumbers will feel if in a greenhouse or a greenhouse will be maintained at a daytime temperature of 25-30 °C and 18-20 °C at night. If the temperature drops below 17 °C or rise above 40 °C, it will immediately affect the plants and the formation of ovaries will stop.
  5. Often ventilate the greenhouse. This will help to protect plants from downy mildew and other fungal diseases.
  6. Time to feed the plants. It is advisable to use a complete fertilizer in most cases this is enough to give the cucumbers all the nutrients they need.
  7. Processing "charges" pesticides. As soon as the symptoms of diseases or pests, you should immediately spray the plants with appropriate drugs. Upon detection of viral diseases is to remove and eliminate your bushes. We can not wait when there will be problems, and immediately implement preventive measures.

If you follow the rules of cultivation of cucumber crops in greenhouses and greenhouses, you will be able to avoid many problems, including yellowing.


General principles of care for cucumbers both in greenhouses and outdoor beds are similar. As in that and in other case they must be properly watered, fertilized, forming, save from disease, pests, harvest time. As for cucumber growing on beds in the open ground, in addition to measures listed above, you need to:

Why the cucumbers leaves yellowing  in the open ground?

  1. When spring cold cover them with a spunbond, film, or other light material, so they do not freeze.
  2. Do not water the bushes in the afternoon, in the heat, better to do it in the mornings or evenings.
  3. Pouring water at the root, try to not fell on the cucumbers.
  4. Pull weeds carefully to avoid damaging the superficial root system of the bushes.

By following these simple measures, you can prevent the yellowing of cucumber plants in the open beds.

What if the cucumber leaves turn yellow spots

The formation of yellow spots on the leaves of cucumber can be associated with:

  1. Excessive moisture content in the ground, the low oxygen content in it. This leads to disruption of normal conversion of nutrients in the soil, disruption of photosynthesis in plant cells.
  2. A lack of magnesium.
  3. Burns that may occur from greenhouse cucumbers from the falling droplets of condensate, and those that grow in the beds from water droplets, if they are watered in the afternoon, in the heat.
  4. The incidence of Anthracnose or downy mildew.

Why the cucumbers leaves yellowing  in the open ground?

To solve such problems, you can control irrigation, and timely cultivation, making magnesium fertilizer, preventive treatment against disease.

How to prevent yellowing cucumber leaves and preventive measures

To prevent the yellow leaves of the cucumbers, you must:

  1. Choose those that will grow under the open sky is the place that it first half of the day was under sun and another in partial shade. So the plants can take a break from the heat of the day.
  2. Not to plant cucumbers after the pumpkin to protect them from joint disease.
  3. To comply with the crop rotation, returning the plants in the garden in 3-4 years.
  4. To plant the bushes under the scheme recommended for each variety, not to sagomate landing.
  5. Water the cucumbers with warm water the roots, not the leaves.
  6. Whiten chalk solution the roof of the greenhouse to reduce the temperature inside.
  7. Don't forget to fertilize cucumber, apply dressing only in those dosages that the manufacturer recommends.
  8. Remove diseased and senescent leaf blades.
  9. To carry out preventive spraying herbal infusion with ash or milk serum iodine and tincture of onion peel, 1% solution of potassium permanganate, other folk remedies.

Yellowing cucumber leaves as a result of improper care or a breach of required conditions of crop cultivation. Rarely is a consequence of diseases and pest attacks. Therefore, in order for plants to remain healthy, you must comply with all agro-technical rules and to properly care for them.

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